Wonderful Star Wars Christmas Decorations

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The new film, ‘The Force Awakens’ means that everything to do with Star Wars is chic and totally in! Did you know that you can buy amazing Star Wars Christmas decorations? From baubles for the Christmas tree and really funky R2D2 lights, to free standing giant figures of your favorite Star Wars characters ready to decorate your garden.


This is a great time to resurrect the Star Wars mania with the new saga on the horizon, so why not be the envy of all your friends and neighbors and include Star Wars in your Christmas decorations this year!

And of course they make wonderful Christmas presents for Star Wars fans too.

In the very unlikely event that you may have missed it (it has had over 200 million views in 2 days!) here’s the trailer – it’s causing a real sensation among Star Wars’ fans both young and old! My family is set to visit the cinema this December – this is going to be one of the biggest Christmas blockbusters to hit the planet! I for one can’t wait to see it – the force is definitely calling me!

Here are the decorations I have picked out. It’s been so much fun deciding which characters are my favorite, and there are more to choose from on Amazon. Just click on any one of these and you’ll see what I mean! I love every one of them!

There are lots of amazing Star Wars decals to choose from. I highlighted this one because it is really good value for money and is striking. It would make a very dramatic statement near the Christmas table! It is made of strong vinyl and is very easy to apply and remove. There are other great designs, for example life sized characters, and wonderful spaceships that look like they’re flying all over the room! – I love the Christmas stocking, Yoda makes a really handsome Father Christmas! – The soft Yoda is a tiny ‘itty bitty’ thing and a great stocking or Christmas cracker filler -The Boba Fett Snowflake is cool because it blinks in three different colors. It’s a nice size too 4.5 inches in diameter. These are for all Yoda lovers – the Lighted Tree Topper is really brilliant. Check out the great reviews it gets on Amazon.co.uk
The inflatables for the front or back of the house are really lovely. They come in different sizes and many have lights in them. What better way to welcome your Christmas visitors. There’s a Darth Vader that is over 16 foot tall I kid you not have a look on Amazon!! I love the glittery tree, imagine having a fully decorated Star Wars Christmas Tree to brighten up your workplace or classroom – wouldn’t the kids love it!

Christmas tree lights in the shape of Star Wars characters are also really cool. I love the R2D2 ones, and Yoda’s face is as pretty as a picture! I’ll hang mine over my windows and mantle piece to give that dark winter months a bit of extra light, and I’ll leave them up till February has gone!

All Christmas ornaments can be collected over the years and these are very collectable! There is a lot of choice with Star Wars. My favorite out of this collection is certainly Darth Vader – I like the light saber. I also love his TIE Fighter.

Below are ideas that would make wonderful gifts. The Advent Calendar is really special – I have one of these and my son has had many hours of enjoyment from it. When he was younger taking out the characters each day during December was so exciting – it still is I’d say! The ultimate gift basket is absolutely full of all sorts of Star Wars goodies – just click on the image for more details. I have the Tee shirt don on my own Christmas wish list. I love the length and the logo across the front looks really good. There are lots of other styles to choose from too. Have a great Christmas – may the force be with you and most importantly enjoy the film!

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