Stuffed cabbage rolls: Recipe & ideas

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Stuffed cabbage rolls. So versatile

Once you have mastered the art of cooking stuffed cabbage rolls, you have a wealth of recipes to work with. The reason is that so many foods are suitable to use as a filling. Even better, this is a quick-to-make dish and very simple. It’s even planet-friendly. Let me explain more.

Stuffed cabbage

What are the advantages of this delicious recipe?

  • Depending on the filling used, it’s a remarkably healthy,low-fat dish
  • Versions can easily be made that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Cabbage can be found growing and for purchase almost anywhere – great if you like to shop local
  • Again, depending on the filling, it can be incredibly economical
  • The cooking method I use save much more fuel than traditional versions
  • It’s an excellent way of using up leftovers
  • It’s suitable for an appetiser or for a main dish
  • It can be elegant enough to serve at a sophisticated dinner party or buffet
  • It can be adapted to your own or your family’s tastes
  • I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love it – even people who say they don’t like cabbage!

All you have to do is blanch the cabbage leaves briefly in water. This takes seconds, unlike traditional version which boil the whole cabbage for fifteen or more minutes. Already we are saving the planet’s resources. The leaves will then need a little trimming but not much.

Assemble the filling from whatever ingredients you have to hand, stuff the cabbage leaves and cook the rolls in broth, stock or the sauce of your choice (we like to use tomato). Traditional versions are baked for ages in the oven using the fuel-guzzling oven but these cook on the stovetop in fifteen minutes or less.

You can see step by step instructions and a wonderful example recipe here.

The link above takes you to a recipe that, as a meat-free household, we love. It contains a couple of ‘treat’ ingredients – dried apricots and pine nuts – but for a more economical dish these can be omitted or substituted. These two ingredients make it perfect for a celebration meals though because they make it just a little more special.

See  the simple ingredients below.

Stuffed cabbage rolls. Ingredients


For the sake of speed, we often use a can of tomatoes as a cooking sauce but if you use your own homemade tomato sauce it’s even more delicious. Try it and see!






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