Sugar Knockout: By Cherie Calbom

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Learn about sugar, your diet and your health: From Cherie Calbom, ‘The Juice Lady’.

We know about sugar and other sweeteners and  just how they affect our health, don’t we? According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) we don’t. There is a huge confusion in our minds about which sweeteners and sweetened products are good for us and which we should avoid.

For example, try answering these questions which are right there on the back cover of this fabulous book:

  • Honey is a natural product so it’s healthy, right?
  • Sucralose has no calories so is that a healthy food?
  • Is orange juice the best thing I can drink when I’m ill?
  • Agave is another sweetener – is there a place for it in a healthy diet?
  • Is fruit juice something that I should include in a healthy diet?

You see what I mean. I have been interested in nutrition for many years but until I read this book, I certainly wasn’t confident that I could answer those questions correctly. Now I can.

What I am relatively confident about though is that the majority of us are fully aware that sugar is unnecessary in our diets and indeed, can cause health problems. However, even with that knowledge firmly planted in our minds, many of us can’t resist sugar and sweet foods.

Pure, white and deadly

Unless you are as old as me, the chances are that you won’t be familiar with a book by Professor John Yudkin entitled Pure, White and Deadly. Professor Yudkin released the book in the early nineteen seventies although he had been studying sugar and its effects on our health since 1957.

Back in the seventies, not many people took particular notice of his book but today it has re-emerged, quite possibly because we are now realising the dangers of sugar to our health. The obesity epidemic is one sure sign  that Professor Yudkin was ahead of his time in identifying sugar as a dietary no-no.

Fast forward to today

Seventy years have gone by since John Yudkin started researching into the effects of sugar on our health. And Cherie Calbom, known to millions as ‘The Juice Lady’ has brought the subject completely up to date in her new book, Sugar Knockout.

A lot has changed since the nineteen fifties but sugar hasn’t. And despite knowing the dangers, we still consume it in enormous quantities. What can we do about this? And we need to do something not just for ourselves but for future generations. We don’t want to leave them a legacy of ill-health especially when it’s avoidable.

As Ms Calbom explains, sugar is addictive. How can we break this addiction? Learn from this book – it’s easier than you think.

  • Find out just how sugar can affect your health
  • Did you know that it affects your brain and not just your body? This book explains
  • Take a quick quiz to find out whether you are addicted to sugar
  • Learn how to kick the habit and discover a new healthy lifestyle
  • Find out how to strengthen your immune system
  • And —- discover delicious recipes!

What more can I say about a book that can help you lose weight and destroy your sugar habit? Just this – buy the book on Amazon.



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