Book Review: The Accident, by Linwood Barclay

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Linwood Barclay is another new author to me, and a very pleasant surprise. Since mysteries and suspense/thrillers are my favorites, I get to read of lot of detective or police procedural novels. It’s perfect. I do love the genre.

Because of that, it’s fun to happen on an author who has a different twist to begin with. Linwood Barclay does. This was the second book I’d read by him. I’ve now read a few others, enough to say it is hard to pick a favorite.

The Accident is about an investigation, but those who are involved are the ones doing the investigating. The police are present, but not out front in the story.

In The Accident, a man’s wife dies in an auto accident she reportedly caused while drunk. Those in the other car were killed as well. Hard enough to deal with certainly, but soon after her death the caring neighbors turn out to have ulterior motives. Soon the husband discovers his wife was involved in something she kept from him.

It leads us in to the illegal purse parties, selling counterfeit goods, and the criminal faction that sponsors it. Before long, our lead character begins to wonder if his wife’s death was an accident at all.

You can read the full review here 

It’s a fascinating angle that has you seeing the seemingly harmless parties, the counterfeit merchandise, from a different point of view. One that is not as harmless as it might sound.

It was a wonderful book. I’ve recommended it to so many friends and fellow readers. I hope you will give it a try. I think it is an excellent first choice for a book by Mr. Barclay, though I doubt you would be disappointed with any of them.


Here are two other books by Mr. Barclay that I enjoyed so much. I’m smiling just thinking about how entertaining they were!





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  1. It was a surprisingly good find, Ruth. I do love when a new author is found. I hope you give him a try!

  2. Your review of ‘The Accident’ has me wondering whodunit for sure. This is the first I have heard of author Linwood Barclay, so thanking you for the introduction.

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