The Cat’s Favorite: The Collapsible Cat Tunnel

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A Favorite for Play and for Cat Naps

Want your cat to be the life of the party? This has to be one of the most used toys I’ve seen for a cat. It makes one wonder about their imagination. Remember building forts when you were young? For us it was blankets covering tables, for the kids, I still see the boxes, with door and windows cut into them. The collapsible tunnel has to be a cat’s version of a fort.

Recently visiting my sister (and her cat), I got to see her cat in action. He spent so much time inside the tunnel it was funny. He would peek out sometimes, hide inside with just his tail wiggling at other times. What was going through his little cat mind? Was he playing cat and mouse? Or perhaps he’s a lion seeking his prey. This particular kitty is what you might call extra-large. During a stretch I could see his tail at one end and his front paw at the other. Who doesn’t like a good stretch?

Playing options within are limitless. You can rock the tunnel gently, scratch on the side (and watch kitty scratch back), hang something tempting at the end to see your cat stalk and attack it, sneak up on him from behind, or get down on the floor and have some face to face time. All will be enormously entertained. It also becomes a nice shady nap spot, especially nice on a hot day. It’s a secret place to go when he needs some alone time.

Tired of seeing the tunnel stretched across the room? Simply collapse it and toss it anywhere until next time. But be prepared for the cat to be somewhat disappointed, so you may not want to put it away just yet. So much enjoyment for such a reasonable price.


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Cat Toys

It is always fun to look at toys for pets, whether cat or dog. It is interesting how they vary too. While dogs most popular toys are often stuffed toys to shake or objects to chase and fetch, the cat has distinctively different tastes.

The cats most popular toys seem to involve hiding or catching. Give them a tunnel, a box, or a cube, anything with a hole in it that they can get inside, and they will be there. Is it an instinct related to hunting or could it be self preservation? Whatever the reason, they like to be protected, inside an object.

Of course that makes for a great hiding place. With your cat inside a tunnel, scratch the outside and see their reaction. Often you will be finger to paw through the fabric. Hold a string at one end of the tunnel, and what cat can resist reaching for it?

Which brings us to the  most popular cat toys–anything on a string. Bird feathers, mouse, fabric, ribbon, even twist ties can send a cat into an excited frenzy. Their need to catch might be related to the way the will sit in the yard, still and stealthy, waiting to catch anything that pokes its head up. They are proficient hunters.

Any of these toys will provide satisfaction to the cat members of your family, and hours of fun for you too.

The Cat’s Favorites

Ready to play with your cat? Try one of these great toys that they love.

Cat Cubes

Another fun and popular toy for cats is the cube. It will hold multiple cats, and provide hours of play. The cats can attack, explore, go in and out of the several holes cut into the cube. Some will even jump on top of it. Don’t be surprised if if moves then!


And tunnels

The Ninja cat tunnel matches the cube.  It will attach for twice the fun.  It looks like a great hiding place, doesn’t it?

 The Turbo Scratcher, a bestseller

Here’s a bestseller that combines play with scratching. Cats do like somewhere to work those claws. Nice to find a toy they will use instead of the couch, right? They can scratch all they want, then bat the ball around with their paws. It would be fun to watch them trying to figure this one out.


For the studious cat

If there is an educational toy for cats, this may be it. Can’t you picture your cat, paw in the circles, moving the little ball around, only to find it just out of reach? I can see how much fun this would be. Can’t you?


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