Book Review: The Collector, By Nora Roberts

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Book Review: The Collector, By Nora Roberts

Nearly every year, Nora Roberts publishes a new stand alone romantic suspense novel. In 2014, the book was The Collector. It was an exciting story that I enjoyed so much.

With Nora Roberts’ new stand alone novel due out in a couple of more months, it seems a good time to refresh my review of The Collector. It’s a book anyone would enjoy, male of female. Usually any romance included in Mr. Roberts’ books doesn’t overwhelm the mystery. You can count on there being a developing relationship, but if you aren’t looking for a romance you needn’t be put off.

It’s storyline is an interesting one. A professional house-sitter in New York City is on the job when she witnesses a murder through another building’s window. When the police arrive on the scene they find a man dead inside the apartment. Assuming he was the murderer, that he committed suicide, it’s a neatly wrapped up case they can close.

The man’s brother can’t let it go. He refuses to believe his brother would kill or take his own life. When he runs in to the house sitter, she agrees to help him. As they investigate it themselves, things begin to happen. Houses searched, a killer after them, unexpected twists…all come together for a very book book. It is great to have Nora Roberts in top form.

You can read my full review here

The Liar is the name of the soon to be published stand alone novel. It’s due for release on April 14th, 2015. It will be a pre-order for me.

If you aren’t very familiar with Nora Roberts, she does a stand alone annually, then later in the year usually has a trilogy of some sort. Last year was the final of three of the Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy. I’ll look forward to see what she will begin next. In addition to those books, she writes as J.D Robb for the very popular ‘…in death’ series that features Eve Dallas. The 40th book in that series will be released this year. It’s still going strong, loved by its followers.

If you haven’t tried her as an author, I hope you will consider it. This selection would be a good one to start with, though I have many other favorites I could suggest. The are fast paced, exciting, and always make a fun read.






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