The Corfu Trilogy by Gerald Durrell: Review

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The Corfu Trilogy by Gerald Durrell: Review

In later life, Gerald Durrell was a respected naturalist and conservationist but in 1935 he was a ten year old boy when he and his somewhat eccentric family went to live in the Greek Island of Corfu.

He was the youngest child of the family and, even though life in  the Durrell household was bizarre enough, introduced various creature and animals into the home with disastrous – and comedic – effect.

His family, of course, thought that his fascination with beetles, birds and beasts of all kinds was simply a phase he was going through.

In later life he was to prove them wrong.

But during the time the family spent living in Corfu, his brothers Lawrence and Larry,and his sister Margo simply thought he was a menace in small-boy-form.

You can see why.

There were huge gulls terrorising the dining table, snakes in the bathtub, spiders and insects in matchboxes…

Although Gerry’s siblings – and his widowed mother – had their own eccentricities and foibles. His oldest brother  Lawrence (later a well-known novelist) frequently entertained his artistic, bohemian friends, often with bizarre results.

Next in line was brother Leslie, who unlike Lawrence, was something of an action man – shooting, fishing, building boats and generally getting into trouble.

Gerry’s sister, Margo, is portrayed in the book as being primarily concerned with her appearance, clothing and her acne.

Their mother,one of my favourite ever book characters, sailed placidly through the whole business, cooking, gardening and generally trying to keep the peace and placating her brood.

There are several other splendid characters that you’ll meet along the way … and of course, an entire menagerie of Gerry’s animals.

The book, which is available as a paperback and for your Kindle is a fabulous read.

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