The Cuisinart Hand Mixer, a Review of a Favorite

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The Easy Hand Mixer

My hand mixer is one small appliance I use several times a week. Personally I think they’re one of the best inventions out there and a necessity for every household. It’s so easy to use and light-weight to hold, I find myself using it for all sorts of things, mixing cookies, cake, frostings, purees, and even mashed (or whipped) potatoes. I like that I can take it from counter to counter too.

I know the big counter top Kitchen Aid mixer is an excellent product and very popular. I enjoyed mine when I had more room. It had it’s own place on the counter where it lived. Now I’m at a point in my life where I am simplifying.

When I realized I was reaching for the lightweight mixer instead of the big mixer on the counter, it was time to put the big guy away. Since I’ve moved and have less counter space, it has become more impractical. Let’s face it, the big mixer is pretty heavy to pull out from a cupboard any time I get a sudden urge to make a batch of cookies. So I’ve made the switch!

Fast and Powerful

The Cuisinart HM-90S has proven powerful enough for everything I want to make. Its 220 watts is nearly twice that of many other hand mixers, so don’t think it won’t perform. With 9 speeds you have more than enough options too. They’ve come a long way since the earlier ones.

In addition it comes with several beaters that all fit neatly into a plastic snap on case. It makes it so handy to grab. I keep mine right under the counter where I bake. Just pull it out, and the beaters are right there. I’m set to go in about ten seconds. Honestly the case is so convenient, I don’t think I’d get another without one. Clean up is just as easy. Pop out the beaters, put them in dishwasher, and you are done.

I’ve heard a few people say that the dough beater doesn’t work that well. I’ve never used mine since my other favorite, most used small appliance is my bread maker. I don’t need a mixer for the dough when I can let the machine do it for me.

It is a perfect gift idea! For young couples starting out, they’ll appreciate something so handy. For the person who doesn’t cook much, everyone still needs some form of a mixer. And for seniors or downsizers, this gem is very lightweight to use and takes so little room. It gets a A+ for ease of handling! It defines handy.

Stainless Mixing Bowl Set, Also from Cuisinart

These are excellent mixing bowls to go with this excellent mixer. I use a stainless steel set that I have had for more than thirty years. Stainless holds up so well. Easy to clean in the dishwasher, the most useful sizes, AND this set comes with lids.

Haven’t we all wished for that?

Since they aren’t glass or plastic, they won’t break. If you are like me, you will use them several times a week.

The Ultimate Mixer: The Kitchen Aid

If you still think you need the counter top mixer, This is the one. The kitchen aid has been one of the most popular large mixers on the market for longer than I remember. My mother always used one, and it still works.

The Kitchen Aid will work for any cooking or baking project you want to take on, including bread dough. It handles 5 quarts too. I love the red one, but  it is available in so many of your favorite colors now to suit your kitchen. Set it on your counter and you are ready for anything.


 The Hand Mixer at Work

Check this out to see the mixer in action. She agrees too–everyone should have one! Even if you have one of the big counter top mixers, if you have a hand mixer too I bet you use it often. There is something so handy about them, so light and easy to use.


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