The Digital Luggage Scale, Essential for Travel

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Weigh your Luggage Before You Leave Home

Every airline traveler needs one of these luggage scales. The first time it saves you the fine of $75.00 or more, you will consider it totally worth the cost.

Have you checked in at the airport to find your suitcase weighs 55 pounds, or even 51 pounds? Have you seen people off to the side, on their knees, rapidly pulling things out of their suitcase, stuffing them randomly into a carry-on, or worse yet, throwing items out? I see it every single time I’m at the airport. It always makes me feel so badly for them.

What a pain! And what an added nuisance. ┬áMaybe all airlines don’t put that limit on the weight of luggage, but any I’ve flown on over the last several years have insisted my suitcase weigh less than fifty pounds. And it has too often come in at forty-nine!

When my daughter gave me one of these Luggage Scales for Christmas, I had no idea just how useful it would be. I don’t fly that often–if you do, all the more reason to have one–but when I do it is usually with one suitcase. My trips aren’t for a quick weekend where a small travel carry-on will do. And one of my pet peeves is having a ton of stuff in my purse or carry-on. I want only the essentials to keep it lighter.

Worry Free Check In

This handy little portable scale resolves any worries I might have. All you need to do is clip it onto your zipped suitcase and lift it up by the sturdy and comfortable handle. The digital read out will clearly show you the weight so you know before you leave your house if you will face a fine.

Occasionally one or two items removed will bring the weight into the proper range. Even better, sometimes it’s lighter than expected so I can pack one more pair of shoes. Better yet, that leaves room for some items I find while shopping on my trip.

I’ve had mine for a few years now, and it is still working perfectly. It’s small enough to bring along if the weight is close enough that I’ll worry for the trip home. It’s no surprise it is a bestseller on Amazon. It seriously takes the frustration and worry out of check-in!

Traveling Made Easy

When I am flying, the less I have to carry the better. Standing in the aisles, waiting for those in front of me to stash big, unruly carry-ons, can be annoying and stressful. Wherever possible I want only my purse and laptop that easily fit beneath the seat in front of me. If I’m not bringing my laptop, the tablet fits easily into my purse. Much easier to depart the plane once I get there, with less worry.

That’s another reason the digital luggage scale is so helpful. Ebooks on my iPad have replaced all the paperback books I used to bring along, but still shoes, clothes and gear add up in weight quickly. It’s much more relaxing and fun to know I have an extra five pounds in my suitcase so I have room to do some shopping, than to be at forty-nine pounds or fifty-one pounds.

It makes for smarter, more deliberate packing. A challenge perhaps at times, but with practice it becomes an art.

A Large Lightweight Suitcase to Make Packing Easier

I like this suitcase personally. It’s big, but still weighs only 8.5 pounds. Nice to know that so much of the 50 pound weight allowance isn’t being wasted on the suitcase itself. More room for clothes!


Multi-Bag Stacker

Here’s another great product to make the airport experience easier. Hook up multiple suitcases or secure your carry-all or laptop case, even your purse. One handle to deal with makes maneuvering so much easier.


RuMe Bags: Don’t Travel Without Them

My other favorite travel essential. These lightweight bags roll up so small they will easily fit in your suitcase or purse. It is so handy to have an extra little bag, whether for laundry or shopping. They are amazingly durable, machine washable, and used constantly at our house.

See The Digital Luggage Scale Work

Check out one of these quick videos to see the scale in use. Easy to operate, valuable to have. Saves stress too as you stand in the check-in line watching the close calls other passengers have.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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  1. We use something similar when we travel and it has saved us from embarrassment at check in more than once!

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