The Killing Game, by Nancy Bush: A Review

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From Bestselling Author, Nancy Bush…

In a complicated plot that first seems like three separate stories, author Nancy Bush has written a complex and entertaining mystery. You will need to pay attention to this one.

From the beginning murder by an apparent serial killer to old skeletons found in a basement, the suspense grows. At the same time Andi Wren is finding her way forward after her husband’s death.

The Story

Andi Wren lost her husband a few months earlier, leaving her the majority stockholder of his family business. The surviving brother and sister are not especially pleased, especially knowing Andi wants to continue as her husband would have done. Two unscrupulous men, the Carrera brothers, are after the company, one way or another.

When Andi is threatened she turns to Private Investigator, Luke Denton, for protection. Unwilling to give in, what lengths must she go to stop the brothers–once and for all?

In the midst of all of that, a serial killer is murdering young women. Now another is missing. Will others die before Andi and Luke can find answers? Will Andi be his next choice?


At first the plots seemed very unrelated. Yet as the clues and characters overlap–with suspects and police investigators—it was hard to stop listening.

The author is very effective bringing the pieces together into a solid finale. Those responsible remain hidden right up to the end. At least they did for me. Will they for you too?

The very end of the book leads the reader to expect a follow up to this one. I’m in. I’ll be watching for it to see where the characters will go from here.

The Killing Game is the fifth in the Rafferty Family series that began with Nowhere to Run. If you like to follow a series from the start, you will want to start there.

I listened to the audio version of this selection through Audible—always my favorite. Narrated by Kate Udall, it was a great listen. Since she has been the narrator throughout the series, she knows the characters well. I hope you will listen to the sample here. It’s so easy now to listen to audiobooks on your smartphone with the Audible app. It is a marvelous way to fit in more reading hours!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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