The Newsmakers, by Lis Wiehl and Sebastian Stuart

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Lis Wiehl’s Latest Hit

I have long been wanting to read a book written by Lis Wiehl. I have enjoyed watching her commentaries and discussions on the news for years, but somehow had not picked up one of her popular novels. So it was a lovely surprise when the book arrived unexpectedly in exchange for an honest review.

That certainly turned out to be a pleasure. What a great find. Ms. Wiehl is the author of more than a dozen books, both fiction and non-fiction. Her suspense series include the Mia Quinn series, the Triple Threat series and the East Salem Trilogy. I’m hoping this latest is the beginning of the Erika Sparks series.

The Story

The Newsmakers, co-written with Sebastian Stuart,  is fast moving, tightly written suspense. You will find the story follows the pace that many news events do. There are so many things happening, quickly and often, that you many want to plan an afternoon of reading. It was hard to me to find a place to stop. Well written as you would expect from a former prosecutor and graduate of Harvard law. No wasted words here, just action, intrigue, and investigation.

The story itself revolves around reporter Erica Sparks. After trouble with her career and an ended marriage, Erica lands a great job in New York with GNN (global news network). Suggested by her new producer, Greg Underwood and handpicked by the owner who had definite specifics in mind, she is thrilled at the opportunity to regain lost ground.

No sooner does she start when she happens to be on the scene where a horrible accident occurs. within weeks, her very next assignment includes another tragedy. While the attention makes her a instant media star, the circumstances begin to worry her. Since she is an investigative reporter at heart, she can’t help but look for answers. Where they need may cost her reputation, her career, and perhaps her life.

It’s a fun and twisting plot that was totally enjoyable. Getting a glimpse behind the media scene is interesting in itself. While we know each network and each reporter is after the big story, the struggle for supremacy is very well portrayed.

The Author

Lis Wiehl first came to my attention as a legal analyst on the Fox News Channel.  Very likable, intelligent and persuasive, she is well able to argue and debate current issues. It was great to see her skills put to use writing suspense thrillers as well.

Next up for me will be the first in the Mia Quinn series, A Matter of Trust. The series is co-written with April Henry (shown as contributor). I look forward to getting to know Mia right from the beginning.

You won’t be disappointed when you read The Newsmakers. A terrific read.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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