The Nightwalker, by Sebastian Fitzek, A Review

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New Release from Sebastian Fitzek

Don’t miss this mind bending thriller! The Nightwalker hooks you right from the beginning and does not let go until you reach the end. Actually it still has a hold on me, days later.

The novel, written by German author, Sebastian Fitzek, was released January 7th, 2016.  A great start to the new year. A psychological thriller that will keep you pinned to the edge of your seat, you will find thoughtful prose as well as a frightening convoluted mystery.

The Story…Or Is It?

First, in a darkened room, a man on the floor is unable to move. Next scene, as mysterious as the first, a man drags himself out of a deep sleep hearing his wife sobbing. She turns to face him, bruised and injured, right before she walks out the door and disappears. His search for her only brings confusion. His wife had secrets of her own. Too many things are not as he remembers.


Leon is a sleepwalker. As a child he feared he was violent when sleepwalking, but after receiving treatment from a trusted doctor, he believed he was cured. Is it happening again? Why? Knowing he must know the truth, he uses a sleep camera, just as he did when he was young, to follow his movements while he sleeps.

What he discovers threatens more than his sanity. It could cost him his life.

Intense Thriller

It is a suspenseful, surprising tale. Hidden passages, strange, inaccurate memories, belongings of his missing wife, whispered words from an older neighbor… Whispered words that telling Leon to get out of the building before it changes him, before he can’t leave. This is one building that does indeed intrude into lives. And what of his wife, Natalie? Did she really leave?

It hard to understand at times just when and if Leon is sleep walking. Enough so that I will probably listen to it again very soon. Talk about twists. What is real and what is not?

Frightening to think how much one could do and not remember. Normal conversations, cooking, building, killing? Awake, sleep state or in a third phase. Which is it? It is almost as though alter egos inhabit one body. One honorable and decent. One capable of extremes. Which is the real Leon?

The author moves the characters about as a master of the chessboard, with moves that will cause you to rethink what you have read. The turns it takes will have your head spinning. Right up to a stunning conclusion. A suspense thriller indeed.

The Author

Sebastian Fitzek is a bestselling German author. His novel, Therapy, was the book that pushed The Da Vinci Code out of number 1 bestseller position in Germany. If The Nightwalker is any indication, it is clear why. It is tightly written, very well translated, and fast moving throughout.

I was pleased to listen to the audio version of the book through Audible. I highly recommend you do too! The British narrator, Robert Glenister, is fantastic. Plus you can keep reading while you drive, work, etc. That will be important to you for this book. You will not want to put it down.

Listen to a sample on Audible

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Author: Merry Citarella

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