The Perfect Gift: A Basket full of Favorites

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Who doesn’t love a gift basket?  A good friend over at Sam’s Place puts together beautiful baskets filled with goodies for all occasions.  That made me think of a way to share my favorites with friends and family.

A basket such as this would work for anything from a wedding gift to a housewarming present to birthday or mother or father’s day.  Its contents are something everyone would appreciate and enjoy using.

Small Things to Fill a Basket

Many of my favorite things are quite small.  In spite of their size, they serve a mighty purpose.  I can think of so many directions this basket could go.

The Best Little Jar Opener Around

The first thing I would add is such a simple little tool.  It’s one I use nearly every day.  That would be my favorite jar opener.  It’s small so it takes very little space. I don’t want a big unruly tool or appliance I have to use.

It works incredibly well, even on very wide lids like those on Clausen pickle jars.  Mine has lasted well over three years now, with no signs or wear or tear

It has saved my hands more times that I can count.  If you have anyone in the family that has arthritis or a weak grip, this should be on your shopping list for them.  It fits so many sizes and it easy to grip and turn to open any jar.

The Exciting, Inventive Spiral Slicer

This little thing is a treasure.  A fairly new item on the market, a spiral slicer is something any household would enjoy having and using.  Quickly make spaghetti shaped noodles from zucchini or another squash, cucumbers, carrots,  and any kind of potatoes.  No doubt you will be able to think of other veggies.  You can see how well it works in a review I did of mine.  Just click here.

It’s so much fun.  It’s easy to use.  It’s even easier to clean.  And once again, it’s so small it takes up very little room in a drawer.

A big added plus:  If you have kids or other family members who resist eating vegetables, get a zucchini and use a spiral slicer.  Either combine the zucchini noodle with pasta or substitute it completely.  I bet you will be surprised to see how much they enjoy the noodles. The vegetable comes out looking so much like pasta.

The Essential  Avocado Slicer

Like guacamole?  Avocado in salads?  Sliced on sandwiches?  Then you can see the value of this avocado slicer.

First this particular one is made by OXO Good Grips.  Their products always have proven well made and sturdy to me.  This one is a 3 in 1 slicer.  First it cuts, then it has part in the center to help remove the seed, and then the slicer.

I love avocados, but I found it was always hard to get the seed out and slice them evenly, without squeezing them until they were all broken up.  The slicer on this works beautifully.  It makes it so easy.  Toss it on the top shelf of the dishwasher when you are done.  Then slip the little thing into a drawer.

Silicone for Baking


This idea may be slightly larger in size, but it’s so worthwhile.  Besides, it will bend easily to fit in a basket.  That would be any silicone baking pan.  The one I use the most is the muffin pan like this one.
I’m impressed with how well they work.  For muffins or mini meatloaves or little egg quiches, it is fantastic.  I don’t use baking tins even.

When what you are baking is finished, a simple twist (don’t forget potholders), and the muffin (or whatever) pops right out of the pan.  They are so easy to clean that I haven’t put mine in the dishwasher, but it does say they are dishwasher safe too.
If you want something fancier, they come in different shapes, from ovals to rectangles.  You can even get silicone ice cube trays shaped like flowers for frozen desserts.


Top it  Off 

To balance out the basket, you might add a container of Myers Lemon Verbena dish soap and a cute dishtowel like this one.   Include an avocado or two even as long as you get a couple that aren’t already ripe.

Each little gift included here is unique and incredibly handy, plus something they might not buy for themselves.  These are among my favorites, but you probably have your own as well.   You could include cookbooks, a bottle of wine, a favorite sauce, natural cleaning products… I could go on and on.

Put anything in a pretty basket wrapped with cellophane wrap for a gorgeous, welcome gift.



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