The Promise, by Robert Crais, A Review

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Elvis Cole, Joe Pike, Scott James, and Maggie.

What could be better than that?

The new long awaited novel from Robert Crais was well worth the wait.

After waiting anxiously for months for The Promise to be released, i couldn’t read/listen to it right away. For some reason I had to save it a while, know it was there, perhaps to listen as a reward for some accomplishment. Do you ever do that? There are several favorite authors that bring that out personally.

I just finished it, and now that it is done I can see why. There isn’t a new one available to read.

The Story

A frightened woman hires Elvis to find a co-worker and friend that may be embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars. She gives him one name: Thomas Lerner.

World’s best detective that he is, Elvis finds Lerner’s address, only to find himself in the middle of full blown search for a suspected killer that includes a helicopter, multiple police cars, and one particular police canine team. Yes, that would be Scott James and the former Marine German shepherd, Maggie (from Suspect).

As often happens with Elvis Cole and Joe Pike, Elvis soon becomes the suspect in a murder, with Scott and Maggie perhaps the only two who believe him innocent.

While the police are trying to pin a murder on him, he is busily trying to discover why the missing woman would want to connect with Al Qaeda.

Clearly this involves far more than embezzlement. With the possibility of a terrorist attack, Elvis and Joe will need not only associate, John Stone, but the inside information from Policeman Scott, and the talents only Maggie can provide.

Admittedly I was predisposed to like this book, which I did. So much that I have already listened to it a second time. Bringing Scott, Maggie, Elvis and Joe together was a terrific idea, very well executed by Mr. Crais. The humor he includes in a tense story keeps you smiling even while in suspense.

The Series

If you are like his numerous fan base, you too will grow fond of all the characters. The two teams, that is Joe and Elvis, then Scott and Maggie, each work so well together they are a pleasure to follow. So combined they were great! My only complaint? I wanted to see/read more of every one of them! I do wish Robert Crais could write faster. Sigh…

It is an exciting story that includes twists and surprises along the way. I feel like I’ve spent time with good friends, already anxious to go back.

Highly recommended! The novel is a stand alone, but I think you would enjoy it even more if you start with Suspect (my review here)  to learn how Scott and Maggie finally recovered. Also, The Elvis Cole, Joe Pike series has more than a dozen books in their series. It’s a kick to go back to their beginning, though any of their earlier books will allow you to get to know them.

However you read them, I hope you start soon.  I’m watching for the announcement of what comes next from Mr. Crais.

By the way, I’ve listened to each in the series, thanks to Audible. The narrators on this one were excellent!  You can hear a sample of it right here.  Do you listen to books often? It would be a good one to try that way. That way you won’t have to stop once you start the story.



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Author: Merry Citarella

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