Book review: The Shadow of Betrayal

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I just finished listening to The Shadow of Betrayal by Brett Battles. It is the third book in the Jonathan Quinn “Cleaner” series. In you aren’t familiar with the series, you can read my review of the first book of this exciting series here. It’s a different twist on a thriller, with the main character being the one who cleans up after an operation. The first and second in there series were both great reads. Now for book three.

When Quinn’s former boss calls in a favor, he is more than reluctant to accept. But since he promised he would do three more assignments, no questions asked, before he would no longer do work for him, he has little choice but to accept. He had given his word. Turns out all three assignments will be required before he is done.

Sent to simply watch over a meeting, the first should be an easy task. Someone else has other ideas however, and the people he was sent to watch are killed. One job done, though not as planned. He immediately has another job lined up for him that also ends with a dead body—this one of a high ranking official in the government.


On the third and last assignment, to find and protect a woman, turns more difficult than planned. Finding that someone else is after her, either before them or at the same time, Quinn and his crew must refocus on the threat to see who is behind it all. Because a terrorist plot is in the plan, and that plan is using children. As he draws closer, it begins to seem that all three jobs are tied together with one misleading goal.

This was a complex and exciting story, with the clock counting down. Many lives are at stake. With minutes to spare you feel the pressure, and wish you could urge them on, to go faster. I enjoyed that about the book.

For some reason it was somewhat confusing to me though. While the first third of the book definitely builds on the plot, it felt a little disjointed to me, and hard to follow. It could be I was distracted, because Mr. Battles novels are usually smooth and engrossing it. So while this isn’t my favorite of the series, it’s still a good solid read.

The last third of the tale ties it together to a racing conclusion that I had to finish before sleeping that night.

The fourth in the series will be next on my list. His writing always keeps me coming back for more!


Here’s the first book in the series, The Cleaner. Another favorite and the one I happened to read first, was the prequel entitled Becoming Quinn. It was very enjoyable learning how Quinn first became a cleaner. Both are wonderful, involved books that will leave you anxious for the next!

The Cleaner (A Jonathan Quinn Novel Book 1)








Becoming Quinn (A Jonathan Quinn Novel Book 0)








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