The Soggy Doggy Super Shammy, Door Mat and Bed

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Soggy Doggy

Dog owners, do those words cause you to shudder?  Most dogs enjoy being outside, in spite of the weather. Ours used to race through the snow, roll around in it, then run into the house through their dog door, with clumps of snow on their forepaws. But it is the rain—or a bath—when we get the truly drenched dog.  Cute they may be, but wet is messy.

Soggy Doggy can help.  First of all, I love the company name.  Second, they include two of the most needed products:  The first, the Super Shammy,  the second, the extra absorbent doormat.

What makes it so work so well?  The chenille noodles that make up the product provide much more area to absorb water.  The creator was inspired by a cloth shammy and the cloth pieces of fabric that sweep down on your car in a car wash.

The Super Shammy

This one is my new essential.  You know how well a shammy works when you are drying a car, right?  Imagine a similar creation to work on your wet dog.  Yes, he will still shake, but once he (or she) gets that out of his (or her) system, grab the shammy.

It is made with a pocket on each end for your hands.  That is a wonderful help since a wiggly dog always seems to squirm out of a towel, only to shake again.  With your hands holding both ends, it is much easier to hold and to to dry at the same time.

But the best part is how absorbent the shammy is. It absorbs seven times its weight in water.  That makes it faster and much more effective.

The Door Mat

Do you have a dog door for your dogs? Be sure to set one of these mats just inside. Or use inside whatever door your pet uses.  Our dogs should be inside with their pack, but who wants wet footprints  marking their trail?

Any time of year this is invaluable, since even when it isn’t raining, we still water the lawn.  The dew alone on the grass can cause some very soggy feet.

The mat measures 26 inches by 36 inches.  It’s made up of chenille ‘noodles’ that make it up to five times as absorbent as cotton mats.  That makes it great to place right inside the door the dog uses.  It dries faster and is, of course, machine washable. It goes in the dryer too.

You might want to pick up a couple.  They fit beautifully in crates too.

Soggy Doggy Super Snoozer  Pet Bed

While we hope our dogs won’t be snoozing in a bed while they are all wet, the Soggy Doggy bed looks irresistible anyway.  It is a great choice for droolers though, along with damp dogs.

The material is anti-bacterial and quick drying. Perhaps best of all, when you want to wash the bed, it unzips into two pieces.  How easy that is.  You know how difficult it can be to get a cover to fit back on dog bed!

It’s available in different sizes too, so large or small there is one your dog will love. Comfort and softness your dog can circle and nest into makes for an extra happy dog.

You can learn more about these clever products in the videos below.


A product that makes life easier on owners plus dog approved. That’s a win/win.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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