Just a little musing for the last day of the year

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Just a little musing for the last day of the year.

Well it has arrived just as expected. We are at the last day of the Old Year and just at the Cusp of the New Year. I was thinking of all those things that we seem to do on the last day of the year, many of them steeped in old traditions that we are really not sure about anymore. We seem to remember the meanings, but not really….

I know my Best Girl Friend has to make sure that her Christmas tree is down and everything put away before the start of the New Year. Something about not bringing anything from the past into the future……..it’s a Scottish tradition, she thinks.

Then there is the other one, where you hope and pray that the first person ringing your doorbell on the New Year, has dark hair and is young (ish). I guess this has something to do with our hopes being fresh and strong and us being strong enough to make those New Year’s wishes come true.

I know that I will not knock on my Friends door on the 1st until well after the noon hour….after all my locks are now a beautiful silver color! The Dark Brown has given way to older but still beautiful silver.

My own mother brings her traditions to my telephone. Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, she will be calling with pot lids in hand, speaker phone turned up and her banging away on the pot lids, telling me about Sylvester.

Now Sylvester is a cat, a lazy cat, and there is a ditty that she sings in her native Swiss dialect about Sylvester, sleeping and how he should get out of his bed, stretch his legs and get a move on. There is only one day left in the year and there is much that needs to be accomplished. He is a lazy no good cat, and the last day of the year, he tries to make up for his rotten ways.

Needless to say, my mother and I have a pot lid blasting good time and when the phones are hung up, we are laughing at each other and our cats think we are crazy……..What a way to spend the last day of the year!.

Happy New Year all, may the New Year be a Good One for You.



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. I love the pot-lid tradition. That sounds hilarious. Getting the tree down before New Year’s day is a new one to me. Great article and I love your musings. Have a really successful new year.

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