Three Days to Forever, by Lauren Carr, A Book Review

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Will Murder Stop The Wedding?

The Mac Faraday Mystery series, written by Lauren Carr, has been a pleasure to read.  When I first learned of Ms. Carr’s books, I went back to the beginning to follow the series in order.  As a result, I’ve grown fond of each character in the series, along with characters that appear in her Lovers in Crime series.

Up until now, the books have often been called cozy mysteries.  In some ways I understand that. They are not graphically violent, sexually explicit, or filled with bad language.  The characters are very likable, the presence of dogs and cats mood lightening.  There is a something about them that is comfortable, which is an interesting achievement with all the dead bodies that keep mounting up.  Each book has had a complicated plot with so many suspects that we are grateful she gives us a list at the beginning of each book. That is part of what makes them so entertaining and exciting.

A Solid Suspense Thriller

With Three Days to Forever, Ms. Carr has stepped it up a few notches into suspense/thriller.  The book is a complex story where all of the usual characters appear to be targeted.  Kidnappers, assassins, and terrorists?  Just who is after them?  Before they can figure out who and why, they have to figure out which of them is the target.  They all have backgrounds that could draw attacks. Between cops, prosecutors, military pasts, any one of them might be drawing fire.

We begin the story in Baghdad, Iraq, years before,  then move quickly to the present day.  Since Mac Faraday and Archie Monday are finally scheduled to get married in three days time, the small town is busy and happy taking care of last minute details.

Guest are arriving, including Archie’s feisty mother, Agnes, friend and prosector Josh Thorton and his wife, Cameron Gates, who happens to be a homicide detective, and nearly all of the siblings, children, and family of all.  The last thing they need right now is a murder.

Before we know it, Mac, Archie’s mother, and Josh are attacked in his home.  Evading the assassins, the three of them are on the run, with Gnarly, of course.  No one will escape unharmed, but will they be among the dead?

With the potential of terrorism included, and the special forces skills we see, it is a book that will keep you reading until the end.  There are so many viable suspects who don’t care how many die, as long as it enables them have their way. But giving them what they want may be the most dangerous choice of all.

You can read the companion review of Three Days to Forever  here on Mystery Suspense Reviews.  It’s a book you won’t want to miss.  While it is good to know the characters from the earlier books in the series, this one is easily a stand alone, so no worries if you haven’t read the prior books.  It’s a great read either way.

Kill and Run

The new novel, releasing on  September 4th, is an outstanding beginning to the exciting Thorny Rose Mystery series.  What an intriguing and entertaining book!

Starting off with the murder of five women who apparently didn’t know each other, Lt. Murphy Thornton is assigned his first case.   Very soon he discovers a connection to Detective Cameron Gates, his mother-in-law. As everyone seems to converge on Washington DC, Murphy has his hands full keeping control of all the pieces.

Jessica decides to help him investigate, whether he likes it or not.  As the two peel back the layers of deceit and greed, trying to find the truth, they may be the killers next victims.

Lauren Carr’s Virtual Book Tour

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We have been participating in Lauren Carr’s book tour that features Kill and Run.  The tour, hosted by iRead Book Tours, runs from August 31 to October 9, 2015.  Please check out the tour schedule there. You can mark your calendars for events you won’t want to miss or go back to stops Ms. Carr has already made and read any already posted.  I know you will enjoy getting to know her and her characters.

If you missed them when they were first published, you can read the two interviews we have had with Lauren here as well.

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