Throwbowl: The Dog Water Bowl and Pet Toy

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For your dog: The water bowl that converts to a fetch toy.

What a neat idea. When you’re out and about with your dog, carry this lightweight, collapsible drinking bowl with you so that he or she doesn’t get dehydrated.


Then,once your pet has had its fill, quickly convert the bowl to a frisbee-type toy that your dog will enjoy. There’s no need to carry more than this one ingenious item to keep your dog healthy and happy.

And when playtime is over, simply snap the toy back into its bowl form to make sure that your dog gets a good drink.

The Throwbowl has an eight and a half inch diameter to it’s easy to slip into your bag or backpack and won’t take up the space that a bulky bowl would do — and you’re ready to let your dog drink anywhere plus being ready for exercise and play time.

The product is madeĀ using FDA approved food grade material so you know that no dangerous chemicals are seeping into your dog’s drink. In fact, I even heard of someone who bought this for his own use as it makes the perfect convertible plate and bowl when camping šŸ™‚

In many dog-friendly areas, such as where I live, businesses keep a bowl of water outside their premises for the use of dogs that may be passing by but why rely on this? You can be sure that the water and the bowl are safe for your dog when using the Throwbowl. You can see the range of colours at learn more at Amazon.

See the video below.


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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