Top Gifts for the Left Handed

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Top Gifts for the Left Handed

Left Handed Somethings for your Lefties

Nope. I’m not kidding. If you think I might be, you are probably right handed. As a card carrying left hander, there have been dozens of times when it has put me in a fix. If you know a Lefty, please consider this.

With ten percent of the population left handed, most everyone knows someone who is left handed. But have you ever thought about the inconveniences that come with that honor? Look around you. Most things you use are designed from a right handed perspective, including many of those that appear to be quite usable from either hand.

For instance, one every day product I’ve found occasionally frustrating is the simple measuring cup. If you hold one in your right hand, there you see 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 1 cup, right? Handy, isn’t it? Since here in the United States we measure mostly by cups or inches, it’s what we’d expect. And, you say, it’s imprinted on both sides. Some of you probably haven’t even looked at the other side! Now hand it to a left handed soul. What do they see? milliliters, grams, whatever!

How about being the only one in the tennis class who had to face the opposite direction from everyone else to practice the backhand? And look out if we don’t, or our rackets are likely to collide. Rather like elbows at a table for four. It’s difficult to learn crocheting and knitting when the instructor usually turns out to be right handed. The struggles! What about your coffee mug? Ever pick it up with your left hand to find there is no cute design or logo on that side? Totally unfair.

Yes I know, this sounds like a lot of silliness. For generations we have gotten past this without comment (except perhaps from me). But think about it. How many things do you righties use without thought to the discomfort we lefties endure? You might be surprised all that it impacts.

 Scissors, Scissors, Scissors

How many is too many? These are handy for every room of the house. I wonder if they make a six pack of them. Even good in the kitchen.

The Most Needed Left Handed Gift

The simplicity of the scissor

Aside from golf clubs–which I don’t need since I don’t play–the most important gift for left handed comfort is the scissor.

If you have a seamstress or crafter in the family, you know why this is a biggie. For years our every day scissors were right handed. My hands would get so sore when I was using shears for very long. Wrapping Christmas presents, other paper projects, cutting out patterns for clothes, crafting, cutting herbs, even hanging wallpaper, the scissor handles get to be painful to your hand.

Often the design of the scissor is for one side to be sharper and have a better angle for cutting. That made it more difficult when using them. It would catch the fabric instead of cutting it. When I finally got a left handed pair for sewing I couldn’t believe the difference it made. Not only would they cut better, but my hands no longer hurt.

Today our house has more left handed scissors than right. I’m not a vengeful person–honest–but I confess that I often hide a sly little grin when I hear “This scissor doesn’t feel right.” My family finally understands when they grab a pair of my scissors by mistake. Did I mention there are left handed pairs in just about every room? Yes they do make universal scissors that can be used by a right handed person or a left handed person. But make sure it says that when buying. Otherwise it hurts!

Did you know that the little vegetable/potato peelers often come right handed? Well they do. On some of them one side is sharp for peeling while the other side isn’t. Now is that politically correct? Imagine trying to peel a carrot to find you must hold the peeler in the wrong hand. Thankfully more of them today are made with the sharp peeler on both sides. Getting my point? It’s not easy for us, is it?

Industrial Left Handed Trimmers 

If you need a trimmer and you are a lefty, you definitely need one of these. Nice and long, super strong. They look like they would be great in any household too.

At Work, School, or Play

The need is everywhere

Okay right handers, here is a little experiment for you. Nearly everyone has a spiral bound notebook lying around. Try turning it over so the spiral curlicue is on the right side. Now rest your forearm on it and write for fifteen minutes. How does that arm feel now? Not very comfortable, is it? That’s what some lefties have to deal with all day at school. Ever considered a left handed notebook?

There are some available for drawing too. To provide full creativity and concentration, don’t you think the left hander deserves to be comfortable? This doesn’t apply just to kids either. There are plenty of adult writers and journal keepers who like to hand write first drafts or notes. We all use them for one reason or another.

Are their gamers on your list? Kids of any age will appreciate this: A left handed gaming mouse. Imagine what their skills could be like if the lefty in your family used a proper left handed mouse? Normally if we are left handed, there is more strength in that hand as well. With more strength comes better accuracy and focus which improves ability.

Same with your computer mouse. Most of us adapt to a right handed mouse, but using one designed for your left hand allows you to use your forefinger, normally giving you more strength and less error. Handy, right? If you are on your computer for hours a day, wouldn’t it be a plus to have the mouse for the proper hand?

Yes, A Left-Handed Notebook

You can try one, see how handy it is to use. It may look upside down and backwards, but it’s perfect for the left hander.

Left Handed Sketch Books

Artists will really appreciate this. When you think of the time and concentration they put into their work why not make it a bit easier.

Give Your Left-Handers an Edge

It may help them succeed.

This gear may give your left hander a nice advantage not to mention considerable comfort. I don’t think we realized how much extra effort it takes to use the other hand. Impressive adaptive skill, true, but it would be more efficient and easier to use our stronger hand.

A Gaming Mouse

Gaming is HUGE! What gamer wouldn’t love this mouse! Just think skills. Use the proper mouse for your left hand! More strength and control are likely using your stronger hand.

 Left Handed Sports Equipment

It is a big thing. And what about music?

The right equipment can be hugely important in sports, depending on your interest level. Golf much? A person who is left handed must have left handed clubs for that! As someone who tried to play with right handed clubs, I can promise you, it doesn’t work. Of course it does make a good excuse for my playing so badly. In my case, left handed clubs didn’t help much either.

How about archery? Whether a bow hunter or a target shooting enthusiast, they make a variety of left handed bows. Or baseball players, how about a baseball glove? In these instances, the right gear is necessary to play your best. If one wants to excel at a sport, or get markedly better, using the proper equipment is essential.

For children too this is so important. Maybe you have a future star athlete. If there is a lefty in your family, have you gotten them left handed equipment? Thankfully, golf clubs and bows come left handed for for youth these days too. Hopefully they already have the correct baseball glove!

Any musicians out there? You may be more interested in the left handed guitar. Who’d have thought? I wonder how many of us have noticed which direction a guitar in sitting when someone is playing. Again, it’s one of those things you may take for granted. If you get a chance to try a left handed golf club or guitar, see how it feels to you. A bit awkward perhaps?

Even a Guitar

Do you know someone who has always wanted to learn guitar? Here’s your chance to help them out.

Gear a Left hander Can’t Do Without

If he or she is playing, that is.
Available for men, women, girls, and boys, and for every skill level besides. Once you know it is out there, you will be surprised how much you can find.

Golf Clubs

Golfers know how many options they have in for golf clubs, so many different brands.  Whatever the brand, you might be surprised at the difference a left handed set makes to your golfer.
A Pro Bow for Archery

Bows come in such a variety too, for all ages. What a fun hobby to start early.

The Adaptable Lefty

Deserving of special consideration.

This has been fun. However, there is some seriousness attached to it. Especially for kids. We want them to have every advantage they can while they are in school, playing sports, and anywhere else they strive to do their best. So every way we can help, we want to try.

There’s a variety available. You’ll find pens, watches, nearly every brand of golf clubs, and books besides. You can get books instructing left handers on golf, crocheting, guitar playing, and some that will give you interesting facts and statistics. In other words, we are a force to be reckoned with!

Lefties have adapted. We use many things as they are. Some even learn to golf or play tennis right handed. We probably don’t give it much thought until we discover there is something better, like that blessed left handed scissor. Sometimes it can make a big difference in our abilities though, and that makes it very worthwhile.


Merry Citarella, often writing as Merrci, writes on a wide range of topics. Recently relocated to the Oregon Coast in the northwest United States, she frequently writes travel features on the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She specializes in health and aging, Alzheimer’s Disease, food, lifestyle, and book reviews. For more information you can see her on The Writers’Door. You can read more articles here or at her websites Mystery Suspense Reviews .

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