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Dad Sax1Tribute to my Dad.

A special memory tribute of a dear man in my life, my Dad. He had a great love for sax music. He was a musical guy with various musical instrument talents but his favorites were the accordion and saxophone.

He loved to play religious, jazz and polka music. He played the sax in his younger days right up until about 6 months before he passed in January 2002 with leukemia. He was 89 when he went.

Dad Sax2One of my most favorite memories was when he played his sax on Saturday afternoons after Church in our family room. Mom and I would sit and listen to him play his favorite hymns. It was such a relaxing family time.

When my older sister would visit she played piano and they would play religious songs from the hymnal together. I also loved to sit with him when he played the Sax just the two of us too. He liked to play zippy jazz and older tunes. When he was done he’d have the hugest, brightest smile ever! His music was absolutely beautiful. I miss his playing very much. The memories will live forever be in my heart.

He enjoyed playing for company when they came to visit as well and they loved to hear his music too. If it was Saturday, our day of worship, he played religious songs but when it wasn’t he played other fun jazzy songs. These are such fond memories from my younger days.

​When Dad would play his sax for church he’d put together little note cards of the songs. On the cards were some of the words and the notes of the songs. This helped so that he wouldn’t forget which notes to play along with some of the words. The note cards you see in the photos are the one he made. He kept them in his the case with his saxophone which I have.

It is not secret

It is No Secret

What a Friend We Have In Jesus

What a Friend We Have In Jesus


Dad Janet Sax

I miss those days with my Dad a lot but the memories will live on forever in my heart. He was a great man with a big heart! My Dad gave his saxophone to my son before he passed which is kept at my home. I’m glad these heirlooms and memories have stayed in the family. They are very precious to me.

The song in this video reminds me of my Dad playing this song, The Amazing Grace. This boy plays it so smooth just the way I remember Dad playing it.

 Essential Songs for Alto Sax E Flat Alto Saxophone with Tuner, Case, Mouthpiece, 10 Reeds and More

 Hymns for the Master: Alto Sax (Book and CD)


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. A beautiful tribute to your dad Cheryl, the memories do stay in our hearts forever. My dad passed in 1998 and I still remember him like it was yesterday.

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