Tricks & Treats, The Ultimate Halloween Book

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Do-it-Yourself Halloween Ideas

Halloween crafts are so much fun to make, even more so when you can do them with your children. Its a wonderful way to play together, a craft your child can enjoy making plus feel pleased with the accomplishment when it’s finished. That’s why I love this book, Tricks & Treats – the ultimate Halloween book, by Deborah Harding, published by Reader’s Digest.

Personally I enjoy the cute in Halloween, the darling little ones in their costumes, whether lady bugs or witches. That’s another reason I like this book. Filled with tons of ideas and plenty of photos, it has cute suggestions for decorating, carving or designing pumpkins, and even costumes. There are crafts you can sew or knit, but plenty that kids can paint and decorate for hours of fun.

It’s where I got the idea for my little ghosts–so easy for kids to make, and ideas for painting gourds and pumpkins this year. You can make simple tombstones for your front yard, create a designer pumpkin with lovely cutouts, or adorn pumpkins with charming hats. All sweet and easy that children will love.

The book also includes patterns for the crafts, making it you can simply trace them.

Crafts for Halloween should definitely be on your list if you have children or grandchildren. They are so excited for the big day. It’s always a favorite occasion for children. So why not extend the anticipation with some of the fun ideas in here. Just don’t forget to start early! Make the fun last and have them all ready for the week of Halloween.

Crafts, Decorations, and Treats

A big part of the Halloween celebration is about making decorations. As the nights grow longer, the air chillier, what could be more fun making things to hang around the house.

The ones in this great book are wonderful ideas, and many of them aren’t complicated or too time consuming. It even has patterns you can use to make flags and decorations.

Why not make a  tombstone or two? Ever since I walked through the Haunted House at Disneyland, it has been fun to think of cute, clever, or touching saying to go on Halloween tombstones. The ones in the book would be easy, fun, and a treat for kids or adults to make. Children of all ages enjoy painting something like that.

If you want some fun party treat ideas, you’ll find those within these pages too. Isn’t it surprising how many new ideas there are every year?

I don’t know about you, but it’s popular these days to use the pumpkin after Halloween. Not only for the pumpkin itself, but for the seeds too. So if you don’t want to carve it up, why not paint or decorate a few this year? Paint it, pin it, put a hat on it! You’ll enjoy the designs the book contains! I bet it will inspire more of your own ideas too.

Find the classics from Martha Stewart and others, or click here to see what’s new and trending for this year. There are so many ideas.  Try something new this year.


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  1. A great time of year – I love all the spooky stuff. This year my son wants me to make him a huge scar using latex and blood! Wish me luck – I may swoon. Great ideas in this book.

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