Trust No One, by Clare Donoghue: A Review

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Bennett and Lockyer Return

Trust No One is third release in this popular series from Clare Donoghue. The series features Detectives Jane Bennett and Mike Lockyer. A well done British police procedural, the story takes the reader down a twisting, intricate path into a family filled with secrets.

There is something so appealing about a British mystery. There is often less violence and more subtlety, done with the reserve you might expect.

Intriguing Suspects

The father of two children is found dead by his son. The father, Richard Taylor, had divorced their mother several years earlier, sharing custody of both son, Harvey, and daughter, Olive. While it looks like he may have died in his sleep, there is soon reason to believe it was murder. But how exactly did he die?

The delight of the book is finding a growing list of suspects as you read. First, as expected, comes the ex-wife, with her attitude going from apathetic at one meeting to tearful angst the next. Yet the children too are telling different stories. Might one or both somehow be involved? The husband had someone mysterious in his life. Was the wife too having an affair?

That is only a start. This intriguing, complicated plot will keep you guessing. Between the family and their acquaintances, you will be puzzling throughout putting clues together.

Adding to the story, Jane and Lockyear have their own issues, heightened by differing opinions on who is responsible. Jane is recovering from a recent occurrence, arising in an earlier book in the series, so you may want to start with book one, Never Look Back. But Trust No One is certainly a stand alone with a solid—and startling— conclusion.

Audible’s Version

The book was even more enjoyable in audio. Narrated by Imogen Church, the English accent takes the reader right into South London. She does an effective narration, building tension until the surprising finish. You can listen to a sample here, on Audible.

I suggest you read one—see it you aren’t hooked too.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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