TV presenter chooses to have a double mastectomy

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Tv presenter Claira Hermet chooses to have a double mastectomy

Claira is a British television presenter in  her twenties. Because of her family history – both her mother and her sister died because of breast cancer – she has decided to have both her breasts removed.

Structure of the BRCA

Structure of the BRCA

This is because she carries a mutated BRCA 1 gene – as had her mother and her sister. This gene indicated that a woman has an eighty-five  to eighty-seven percent chance of getting breast cancer. Those are high odds.

Claira’s mother died about twenty years ago. At that time, she had not been tested for the heredity gene. When her sister discovered she too had breast cancer, it was discovered that yes, she had the gene. Claira knew that she should be tested too but consoled herself for a while that she wasn’t like her mother and her sister – she took after her father and his side of the family.

But as we know, this is immaterial. She tested positive.

This mutant gene can be passed onto the next generation by both males and females and can affect their sons or daughters.

Claira is making a radio documentary about her decision and her operation. He breasts will be removed and reconstructed. She is making this public and taking part in the documentary to bring awareness.She wants to share her story with as many people as possible.

You can find out more about this gene at the Breast Cancer Campaign website.

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