Unbiological Sister Necklace from So Simply Quaint Review

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Sisterhood is an amazing blessing which I’m lucky enough to share with three amazing women. My sisters are there for me in the worst of times and the best of times. While not everyone is as blessed as I am to have sisters, almost every woman is graced with an Unbiological Sister. These sisterly women aren’t related to you by blood, but are there for you nonetheless. To honor the friend in my life who is my “fourth sister,” I sought out to find a gift that symbolized are friendship perfectly. During this search, I found the Unbiological Sister necklace from So Simply Quaint, an Etsy store.


In this review, I will go over the best features of this necklace; including the quality, length, adorableness ranking, and more.

Unbiological Sister Necklace Packaging is So Simply Quaint

simplyI checked out the pictures in the Etsy store and decided this gift was perfect for my non-related sibling and hoped it was as adorable in person as it was on the site. When I received the package, I couldn’t help but notice how simply quaint the packaging was.

The necklace came in a modest cardboard box with a charming string holding it together. Tied to the string was a tag with the business name.

The inspiration behind products from this store is “handcrafted inspirations with a hint of whimsy.” I’d have to say they nailed whimsicality, and I hadn’t even opened the box yet.

handstamppack (1)When I opened the box, I found the hand stamped necklace packaged neatly inside the box.

The packaging was easy to remove and let me get a good look at the necklace quickly.

Hand Stamped Message

handstamp1The first thing I wanted to look at when I opened the sister necklace was the hand stamped charm. From the Etsy page, I had learned that each piece is hand stamped and cut by Heidi, the owner of the shop.

Since each piece is hand stamped and hand cut, you’re guaranteed to get a one-of-a-kind piece. The charm was perfect, and the edges weren’t sharp at all, so you can wear it confidently every day.

Better yet, when you choose this necklace or one of the several others from So Simply Quaint, you can choose the color bead that accompanies the charm. With this in mind, you can choose birthstone colors, favorite colors, cause awareness colors, and much more.

I opted for the naturally charismatic pearl. I think it offsets the silver tin well and gives it an overall elegant look.

Necklace is 24” Long

handstamp lengthAfter checking out the charm and bead, I moved onto the chain. I was surprised by the heartiness of the chain. It’s thick enough not to feel dainty but isn’t overwhelming or heavy.

Even though this is a gift for my best friend, I tried it on to see how it felt. The 24” chain hung about 12” and felt great on.

There’s nothing worse than a wussy clasp ruining a great necklace. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with this necklace. The So Simply Quaint necklace is created with a hearty clasp that was easy to do myself.

handstamp backOverall, I’m very pleased with the necklace I received from So Simply Quaint. I can’t wait to give it to my Unbiological Sister! I’m sure she will be as pleased as I am with the quality, and will truly enjoy the inspiration behind the necklace.

In addition to family-inspired jewelry, So Simply Quaint also specializes in gifts that are simple, special, or even a bit odd. Some of the pieces on my wish list from this store include the whimsical Gypsy necklace, the Aromatherapy necklace, and the must-have Hedgehog keychain.

handstampI also read that she is open to custom orders, so I may have to put my thinking cap on and order something really unique.

You can learn more about Simply Quaint by following them on Facebook.




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