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I don’t know about you, but age and growing up mean two different things to me. The growing up part, I would like to leave right where it belongs…….somewhere back there!

The Aging stuff, well, no one really gets away without doing some of that…… The problem is that most of us get caught up in the Growing Up and forget all the fun that could be had along the way. There are so many fun things that should be done all through life, just to give us all a little extra joy and happiness along our everyday lives. To that end I have come across the greatest place to find all those lovely pranks and not so pranky gifts and surprises. Would it surprise you to know that there is a whole gamut of gifts available from babies right up to adults that contain so many really funky things to make people smile. Grammieknows that kids come in all ages and all sizes, with quirky ideas on what is fun and funny. I love my tea eggs, and found this wonderful different tea infuser that I know a few of my friends would just freak out about. He’s beautiful, useful and just puts a smile on my face, without even trying…….see for yourself.

My Little Sloth Tea Infuser! My Little Sloth Tea Infuser!

Don’t you just know so many people that would get a charge out of one of these. He’s just one of the many different styles of tea infusers available at Perpetual Kids.

And that’s just one category of gift available. There are a whole array of lovely items to tickle your funny bone and help make everyone around you smile.

If you are ever looking for that special gift when everyone else is getting calendars and knick knacks, then come inside the Perpetual Kids site and find something really unique.

I bet everyone will want to know where you go shopping when they see the amazing gifts you always come up with…….check it out for yourself:

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