Valentine Ideas: Unusual & Romantic London Restaurants

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Valentine Ideas: Unusual & Romantic London Restaurants

Valentines’ Day is very special is the day for romance. We all love to put aside this special evening to be with the person we love – no one else will do.

The history of Valentine goes back centuries, and people used to believe that it was in February because that was the start of bird’s mating season – how very romantic.

It is a great holiday that many people look forward to and enjoy. Millions of chocolates and roses are bought on this one day, and restaurants need to be booked well in advance. Well at least those in central London do.

There are quite a few restaurants in London that are unusual to say the least and would be fun to go to with a loved one – here are a couple I have picked out:

One is called ‘Dans le Noir’, and is situated in Clerkenwell, which is in the very trendy London borough of Islington. Its owner is blind and has a take on eating that is very different. He created a restaurant that has a dining room where you eat in total darkness. It is literally pitch black. The waiters lead you to your seat and you can’t see anything at all. It could get quite romantic, although the waiter must have special glasses or something – so don’t get too intimate!! They serve quality cuisine. You choose what you would like to eat before you go in. Then you experience your food in a very different way. What a great place for Valentines –an experience you’ll both remember for ever!

Another great thing to do is dine at a floating restaurant that will take you down the beautiful river Thames. You board the boat at Westminster Pier and embark on a wonderful three-hour ride with a champagne dinner. I have done this and it was very romantic. The food was delicious too! So it’s not just a touristy thing. It really is a special treat even for Londoners.

For more restaurants in London ideas use this link.

Happy Valentines!

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Send your love a lovely heart-shaped box of delicious chocolates. Believe me she’ll love them




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