Valentine’s Day: A Girl’s Top 5 Movie Wishlist

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Valentine’s Day; A Girl’s Top 5 Movie Wishlist

1¬†With Valentine’s Day just around the corner what is on your wishlist?

Most girls are looking for romance on Valentine’s Day so this year I have compiled a list of a girl’s favorite movie wishlist. that ooze romance.

These movie selections will fit the category of the best romantic chick flicks. If you have a favorite romantic movie and don’t see it on this list then add your own.

These are my top 5 picks if you are looking for a great romantic love story.

Pride and Prejudice – The Greatest Love Story Ever

This timeless classic, Pride and Prejudice, is the top of the list of romantic love stories.

This is the best screen production of the infamous Jane Austen novels, staying closest to the story line.

This rich cast of actors bring these characters to life and will draw you in.

First Impressions – Not very favorable

EverAfter – A Cinderella Story

This non-animated Cinderella story is a must watch for any girl who dreams of fairy tales and wishes coming true.

This more than a movie of love between a man and women, this is a story of courage and doing what is right no matter what.

A great Valentine’s Day movie that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

For Every Little Girl In Us – Love and Romance Conquers Boundaries

Love Comes Softly – Love and Romance Warm the Heart

Hallmark has cornered the market on creating love stories that warm your heart. This is one of my favorites (that’s why it made the list, of romance stories).

A basic need of survival bring a man and a woman together. Each have lost their spouse and out of necessity to survive in the hardships of life they are thrown together. As time passes and before they are aware, through Christian values and a trust in God, love comes softly to bind them to a stronger commitment then either one expected, giving them a new unexpected beginning. Love at it’s best, centered on God and finding comfort in what has thrown then together.

Let me warn you though, you will need a box of tissue for this one.

Hallmark Romance – Timeless Classics

Seredipity – A Fortunate Accident

Through a fortunate accident starts sparks for this couple, but through a twist of fate they are separated and spend the next few years living life and wondering what it would have been like.

When life commitments are inevitable this spark that started a million hours ago draws them to search harder. This hit and miss love story is a fun story and will leave you wondering what will happen.

Will they find each other?


A Twist of Fate – Love and Romance Lives On

You’ve Got Mail – The Age of Electronics

In this fun movie of two rivals coming together unknown through the internet is a fun filled story of love. Watching romance bloom warms your heart for any season.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan make a wonderful ‘big screen’ couple, the chemistry between the two comes through every movie they do. I loved it and love watching it any time.

It never grows old.



Love Comes In Some Unexpected Ways – Romance that Grows, Click by Click



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