A recipe book that can change your life: VB6

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VB6 by Mark Bittman. The ultimate recipe book

Some years ago, food writer Mark Bittman was overweight and  suffering from various health problems.

Typically, his doctor wanted to put him on medication but as a food expert, Mark realised that a change of diet was a better way to go.

‘Oh no!” I can hear you saying’is this another book about health foods, dieting and giving up the foods you love?’

Absolutely not!

Mark devised a method that would allow him to improve his health,lose weight and at the same time without sacrificing good and tasty food.

Chocolate? Steak? Wine? No problem. Baking and baked treats?Absolutely fine.

Do you have to buy unusual ingredients or special equipment?  Not at all.

Does this sound too good to be true? It isn’t. It’s simple, it’s good and the recipes in the book are delicious.

The premise is simple. The system that the author developed,and that worked brilliantly for him was to eat vegan (which includes
many baked treats – don’t be put off by the word) before 6pm. There is nothing magic about the 6 o’clock deadline, that’s just what works for him. If you have a different schedule or lifestyle, change it accordingly.

Then, in the evening, eat delicious meals taken from the recipes in the book (and they are delicious), with wine if you wish and yummy  desserts.

I have to tell you, please don’t tell him I said so, that my other half has what I shall politely describe as ‘a hearty appetite’. He would never be able to stick to a diet and he loves treats and a glass of wine. (Or three). He loves the recipes in this book!

Give it a try. You’ll love it too.

See a further review & video of the author here.




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Author: Jackie Jackson

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