Vegetarian Soft Tacos – Spinach and White Beans

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Vegetarian Soft Tacos – Spinach and White Beans

These quick and easy vegetarian tacos are one of my most popular recipes. They are also very versatile. I love them with white beans, but any beans would work. While all beans are nutritious, good for brain and heart health, and a good source of protein, black beans are considered one of the best. It tastes great with either.


I left the cheese off this batch so it is strictly vegetarian. Add your favorite if you like. Feta is one of my favorites when serving them. Chop tomatoes to add to the onion and the bean mixture too. Of course, I had to use spinach instead of lettuce. It goes beautifully in a taco, shredded, chopped or whole, and you get lots of extra vitamins as a result. I bet even non-spinach lovers would enjoy it in tacos.

If you are entertaining—or simply serving your family—set up a taco bar so everyone can add their own favorite toppings. Consider including avocado, ground beef or turkey or shredded chicken for the meat eaters, sliced olives, cheddar or a Mexican blend cheese, diced green chiles, sour cream, and anything else that sounds good!

You can find the recipe right here

You might like to serve it with this light Mexican Cabbage Salad  that was already featured here on Jaquo. Or another vegetarian choice to accompany a taco would be the delicious Cauliflower Enchiladas  or the Cauliflower Bean Enchiladas 

Don’t forget the limes and the salsa. Or the margaritas!




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