Vintage-look weather instruments

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Stylish vintage weather instruments

pin11Weather instruments tend to fascinate us these days. When I want to know what the temperature is, or what I can expect from the weather a week on Tuesday. my iPhone will tell me almost immediately.

For more indepth detail, the internet has so many sites that can give me the exact information I need.

But in days gone by, people relied on weather instruments – barometers and so forth – that were actually quite reliable.

That’s not all – they were fabulous pieces of sculpture in their own right.

Genuine antique items still exist today but their prices are astronomical.

But yet they look so good in the home and will suit any decor or decorating style. The answer is this range of reproduction weather instruments.

It’s wonderful to have genuine, solid antiques in the home but for those of us who haven’t won the lottery yet, carefully-produced, faithful reproductions are the answer.

Are these the antiques of the future?

Genuine antiques disappear every day – they are damaged beyond repair or exported into private collections all over the world. Even genuine products from my favourite era – Mid-Century Modern – are beyond the reach of most of us. So yes,I believe that the reproductions of today will become the antiques of the future. They may certainly become family heirlooms that will be enjoyed by future generations.










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Author: Jackie Jackson

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