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Love my Waterpik

The Waterpik: Better than Flossing

Do you floss every day like your dentist tells you to, or could you use a Waterpik water flosser to. I love mine, so much so that I don’t know why I didn’t get one years ago. Every six months at my dental cleaning appointment the dentist would tell me I need to floss more. Right. I knew that–you too? I’d be really good about it for the following week. He would have been so proud! Then, I would forget about it one day, put it off until later another day, just skip it still another day. And so on.

When a new dentist suggested a Waterpik, he finally convinced me. Two days later, thanks to Amazon Prime, it was on my counter ready for use. I had tried a Waterpik  long ago, but it bothered my teeth and gums. I told myself they were too sensitive.

What I have learned since is to start on a much lower setting for the first week or two.  You never need to go very high with the setting.  Also to use warm water, not cold. I also added a couple of capfuls of antiseptic mouthwash to further help. This time, on low, it didn’t hurt or feel too sensitive. It felt fantastic.

It stimulates the gums. It gets between the teeth.  You can feel it working to strengthen them. Besides how good it is for your teeth and gums, and how good your mouth will feel, you may also find your breath improves. Often one of the causes of bad breath is from food particles that get stuck between teeth or beneath the gum line. That is an important benefit.

What do I like about it?

  • It’s fairly compact. It doesn’t take up much counter space.
  • It’s easy to clean. I’ll just wash out the water container and run clean water through the line.
  • It comes with a variety of tips to use, from a brush pik to a pointed periodontal tip.
  • You can add a couple of capfuls of antiseptic mouthwash that will run through as you are using it (rinse line after use).
  • It feels good on your teeth and gums, a massaging that is healing and strengthening somehow.
  • No matter how long and thoroughly I brush my teeth, there are always some particles under the gum or between teeth that the pik gets out.
  • My mouth feels so good when I’m finished, fresh and clean.
  • You can adjust the setting, starting with low pressure then increasing gradually.

4.5 Stars with Over 10,000 Ratings

Besides those reasons, it is actually proven to work 90+ percent better than flossing, probably because even the best flosser would have trouble getting floss between and around the entire tooth. The Waterpik gets in to all those hard to reach spots, especially along and beneath the gum line.

If anyone if your family has braces, it should definitely be on their bathroom counter. You know how food particles get stuck in between the wires on braces. The Waterpik does an excellent job of getting those particles out.

The Ratings and reviews on this product are incredible. Over 6,000 actual reviews, and over 10,000 ratings! The average is about 4.5 stars Obviously it’s a popular and effective product.  The newest model featured here already have over 1300 reviews.

It just leaves my mouth feeling better and healthier. That’s my favorite part!

The Waterpik with a Travel Flosser Too

If you travel often, I’d suggest this package. It comes with a small travel size pik you can easily bring along on your trips. Once you get used to how good it feels on your teeth and gums, you won’t want to be without it when you are on a trip.


Over 50 Years Old–It Works

Philips Rechargeable Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is another essential to me. Not only does it do a better job than a regular toothbrush, it also has a preset time so you will brush long enough for it to be most effective. I’ll use this first for a thorough two minute tooth brushing. Effective and thorough. I’ve had mine a few years now, just replace the brush portion every six months. Between this and the water flosser, teeth and gums will show improvement.



 Waterpik Replacement Tips

You may want to get an extra pack of the jet tips. It’s recommended you replace the tip every six months. The waterpik included here has an extra tip, along with other tips, but you may want to add one of these to your purchase so you have a back up.



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