We Are Legion (We Are Bob), by Dennis E Taylor

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So Imaginative!

We are Legion is definitely a phenomenon.  Definitely one you shouldn’t miss.

How author, Dennis Taylor,  put together an entire universe in such detail, is fascinating. The complexities it considers are mind boggling. Yet he covers the details so well.

It’s a book I will listen to again, very soon.  I know I missed some details while pondering the scope of their activities.  There is so much in the story that wants listening to again.

Hmm….Just how much of the story should be revealed in a review like this? We’ll give the basics. A wealthy man, Bob Johannson, signs up for cyrogenics when he dies, realizing in the future, a way to revive and heal the body would be likely. It’s a unique plan though, one that involves only the head!

What he didn’t expect was for his death to happen so soon! When he awakes one hundred years later he learns of the unexpected result. Yes he had been revived. As a software program.

New Worlds Await…Or So Bob Hopes

From there, the story explodes. With many questions. Can you clone yourself, even as a computer program, and expect each clone to be the same? Well, it doesn’t work that way. As more Bobs are created each is a little diffferent. Which is how you get to “We are Legion, We are Bob.”

Another surprise for Bob, he doesn’t have long to adjust to his new ‘self’ before he learns an attack is imminent. Time to leave–quickly. On board a space ship, traveling to find new universes that might include livable planets he plots and plans and builds. Meanwhile other factions, and plenty of them, have their own goals and demands. Even mass destruction of planet earth hasn’t stopped that.

Part of the fascination of the story is the differing personalities within the softward duplicates. It’s great fun to picture their virtual realities. The author gives a wonderful and descriptive view of the happenings, especially when a living society is discovered. It reflects his skill and creativity that we are able to follow along, through livable planets to disastrous attacks.

What is not to enjoy? Whether you are a Sci-Fi fan or not, the book offers so much. Technology, exploration, anthropology, sociology. Discovering new worlds. Developing new lands, making choices that will impact other societies as well as the remaining humans on Earth. We get to watch a world grow.

From Audible

The book became a bestseller on Audible as well. The audio version is narrated by Ray Porter. His voice, and his variations of that voice, are perfect for the novel. He is able to bring to life the setting, the characters (The Bobs especially) with all their independent, slightly distinctive tones. It’s a fantastic listen! Please click here to listen to a sample. Audible produced this one as well.  Great job.

It’s one of the reasons it had to be read. With over 24,000 ratings and reviews (on Audible alone), I had to see what it was all about. Just in time too, since book two in the Bobiverse series was released in April of 2017. That book, For We Are Many,  already has nearly 10,000 ratings and reviews. Another bestseller you won’t want to miss.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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