What Do Americans Think About Britain?

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Raping nuns in the street, Muslim-only cities,vigilante police …

LondonThe latest American to put his foot firmly in his mouth was a chap called Steve Emerson. You’ve probably never heard of him – I hadn’t either until recently. He is some sort of journalist or something.

But apparently, this person went on Fox News and declared that the city of Birmingham in the UK is an entirely Muslim city and that non-Muslims simply can’t go there.

In London, he goes on, there are areas that are policed by religious groups who regularly beat up anyone who doesn’t wear Muslim clothing. You can see his full comments in the video below.

He recanted and apologised

Of course he did. He had to. He was talking nonsense. (He claimed on BBC Radio that he had been ‘misled’ by his researchers. The blustering, bewigged, red-faced Emerson ‘even’ said that he would donate money to Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital to ‘make amends.

It too late, mate.

We know you’re a buffoon. At least, those of us who followed the story and who heard your (grudging) apology know that you’re a buffoon. But what about all those people who caught your remarks in FoxNews? Did they? Thanks to you, we now have hundreds,thousands – I don’t know – of Americans who believe that England (well, all Europe, according to you) has entire cities that are no-go areas unless you’re Muslim and that we get beaten up if we’re not wearing burqas. What piffle.

Nuns are stoned and raped in the streets in England

One evening, there were four of five of us РEnglish people Рsitting with  group of friends, mostly American. We were having a pleasant evening sitting on the dock, drinking wine and chatting. One otherwise sensible lady told us that although she liked us (the English contingent) she would never go to the UK because she was Catholic.

We were dumbfounded. But, she went on, this was because in England, Catholic nuns are raped and stoned in public. She truly believed this. How many other people think this too?

Margaret Thatcher started the Falklands War because she was going to lose the next election

Around the same time that we were informed about the British treatment of nuns, someone ‘knowledgably’ informed us that the one-time prime minister,Margaret Thatcher, had started the 1982 war in the Falklands Island because she thought she would lose the next election.

What he could not tell us is a) how this would help her election chances and b) why the fact that the Argentinians invaded the British-owned  islands had nothing to do with it. Despite three British people (who had all been in England during the Falklands War) trying to put him right, he was adamant.

I could go on…





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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. What a laugh – what planet is this guy from ? Has he ever been to Europe? I’m dumbfounded – I really am lost for words – speechless. I’ve rarely heard anything so ignorant and far from the truth in my life. Buffoon yes. But the gullibility of the news reader was comical too – her face is unbelievable – really.
    Anyone thinking of coming to Europe need not concern themselves about anything these two idiots are talking about – cos it just ain’t true.
    PS Also, you’d find it hard to see a nun in England let alone see one raped and stoned in the streets LOL!!

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