What’s Pie Without Cream Cheese?

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What’s Pie Without Cream Cheese?

If you are a fan of cream cheese as I am, chances are excellent that you will enjoy either of the two pies featured here. It just happens that these are two of my favorites.

When we were growing up, our mom made strawberry pie for us every so often. Her homemade crusts were perfect, of course. A knack I have still not yet mastered. What I loved was the cream cheese layer. It tastes delicious with the strawberry glaze and fresh strawberries. What an lovely taste combination.

I don’t know if she had instructions or if she learned on her own, but her pies were always so perfect. Apple, pumpkin, pumpkin chiffon, cherry, banana cream….They always looked full and camera ready!
That is something I am still working on, though I have the taste down now!

One of the other pies she made so perfectly was a lemon meringue.

Yes, perfect peaks on the meringue, browned just so. Since I wasn’t ready to tackle meringue, I decided to try a lemon pie with cream cheese instead. I love the tangy bite of the lemon, just like mom’s pies would have. Below the tasty lemon you will find a layer of sweet cream cheese. It’s really good, and may be habit forming!

You can see the full recipe here. 

Mom’s recipe for her wonderful Strawberry pie is right here. 

It is still my favorite. Fresh strawberries sit on the layer of cream cheese, with the glaze poured on top. We would get berries from a local stand—the sweetest!

To properly decide, I hope you will make both pies then let us know which you prefer. I’ll be tallying votes between bites.




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