What’s The Price of Love? by Pamela T. Starr

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Pamela T. Starr, Author of Truths Not Spoken

Truths Not Spoken is such an entertaining story, one that fans of romantic suspense will enjoy. The first in the Shifting Sands Series, we can look forward to more too.  You can read our review here on Jaquo.

Now Ms. Starr is on tour with iRead Book Tours.   We are pleased to join the tour with our review, published a few days ago, and a delightful article from Ms. Starr below.  After reading it, we hope you will stop by some of the other stops along the tour to read interviews, other article from the author, and reviews.  It’s always exciting to hear from the author.


What’s the price of love?

by Pamela T. Starr

When my son went off to college, I missed him terribly. The feeling didn’t seem to be reciprocated. He was off living with three of his high school buddies, going to parties, meeting new people and I was left alone. The silence in my house was deafening.

Then one day he called me. “Mom, can you send me something yummy? Maybe some brownies or muffins or something?” Halleluiah! He missed me! Okay, maybe he just missed homemade carbs. Either way, I felt needed. I did have a purpose in life after all.

I plotted and planned. It was too late in the day to bake then ship something delicious to my poor, lonely son. So I spent the next few hours on Pinterest. What would he love the most? What should ship the best? Should I try something new? Or go with something tried and true? I rearranged my scheduled for the next day so I could bake in the morning, let the goodies cool and ship them in the afternoon. I was going to be the prefect mother!

All went well on baking day. I made Bruffins—brownies baked in muffin tins. I felt quite pleased with my creative way of blending his two favorite treats. I carefully packed the box and headed to the post office.

I waited in line.

For a long time.

Finally, it was my turn at the alter and I presented my offering to the very important person on the other side of the counter—the person who was going to oversee a mother’s gift to her only son.

The bored clerk put the box on the scale. “When do you want it there?”

“Tomorrow! Of course!” I glanced around then whispered to him as if someone was going to snatch my precious gift. “It’s for my son in college. I made him brownies.”

“$33.45 will get it there by tomorrow.”

Shock. “Thirty plus dollars to send brownies?” My whisper was gone and my frugal nature pushed my happiness aside. To be honest, the brownies were from a mix. A mix that was on sale. They weren’t that special. I couldn’t imagine spending that much money to overnight them to anyone.

What I didn’t anticipate was “brownies” seemed to be a magic word. They slightly grizzled clerk turned and looked at me for the first time. There was longing in his eyes.

“Brownies? You made them for your son?

I looked down and the counter and nodded, but said nothing. This wasn’t a flea market. No negotiating with the post office.

I sensed the clerk leaning toward me. I glanced up and was pulled in to his gaze.

“Ma’am, you aren’t sending brownies. You are sending love.”

Love. Yes.

My son got the bruffins the next day and actually called to thank me for them. Yes, that call cost me $33.45 in shipping, but if that is the cost of love, I’ll pay it every time.

Pamela T. Starr is the author of Truths Not Spoken. Available on Amazon.com, the novel is a must read for every women who balances her dreams of love with a man with the needs of her child. Visit Pamela at www.PamelaStarrOnline.com or on Facebook at Pamela Starr Novels.

The Tour

Book Description:

Single mother Laura Walters had her life under control. She had a jewelry business, a generous best friend and a careful watch on her nine-year-old daughter, Emily. Then, Emily is seen on national television with Vic, the man who could tear their world apart. With one thirty second news clip, Laurel’s life turns into a tailspin. The paparazzi chase her. Two men from her past want her: Vic is a former lover. Kyle a former friend. They both know her secret, and either one could ruin the careful life Laurel built for herself and Emily.

Faced with no other option, Laurel turns to Kyle to protect her and her life with Emily. But just as Laurel and Kyle are beginning to trust each other, they learn of shocking betrayals they each have been hiding. Some secrets are made to be broken. Some secrets never should be. But how does Laurel learn which ones are which? Truths Not Spoken is the debut novel by promising new author Pamela T. Starr. It is a must-read for every woman who balances her dreams of love with a man with the needs of her child. Truths Not Spoken shows readers that yes, dreams can come true.

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Author’s Bio:

Pamela T. Starr has been recognized as an outstanding new author with a promising future. Truths Not Spoken is the first in her Shifting Sands series, all set in her home state of Florida.

An accomplished trainer and public speaker, Pamela has motivated more than 60,000 people at live presentations and workshops. She has also logged more than 30 hours of live national television appearances.

Pamela is inspired by the two men in her life. The one she mothers is still young enough to be excited by life and the many opportunities he discovers. The one who is her life-long partner is old enough to know that life is an adventure and he embraces it every day.

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