Where the Wild Things Bite, by Molly Harper

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Return to Half Moon Hollow…

Molly Harper’s newest book in the Half Moon Hollow series is a so entertaining. Of course, every book in Molly Harper’s various series reflect her humor and imagination. If you have the chance to listen to any of them, you’ll be hooked.

Listening to the audiobook is highly suggested. Narrator, Amanda Ronconi, has the writer’s words and tone mastered. Molly Harper and Ms. Ronconi have worked together through more than a dozen books in multiple series after all.

The series is part romance, part paranormal, with a little mystery thrown in. If you haven’t read any yet, prepare for vampires. But perhaps the most amusing of them. Any emphasis on their species in this particular novel concerns how they can openly live in to the world.

Funny stories, funny dialogue, funny internal thoughts. You will be charmed.

The Story

In the fifth addition to the Half Moon Hollow series, Jane Jameson Nightingale (from the original Jane Jameson series) is waiting for a delivery from Anna Whitfield, an expert in rare books.

After finishing her evaluation of Jane’s extremely rare book, Anna is flying it back to her when the small plane crashes. How she survives is just the beginning.

People who think nothing of killing are after her. Anna is expendable. The book is not. With only a vampire named Finn to trust, (and there is a huge question of whether he is trustworthy), they must somehow stay ahead of those who search for her.

My Thoughts

It is a laugh out loud tale that continues the bestselling series. Making is all the better is Amanda’s narration. You can hear a sample here.

I admit I hesitated choosing this selection because of the vampires, but finally had to see why it is so popular. it is not at all dark or violent. They just happen to be there. No zombies either, though some very colorful shape shifters make an appearance. Just pure fun with a few special vampire talents that aid in their mission.

The ending suits the story. It does leave clues that there may be future books featuring Anna and Finn. Perhaps a series of their own? Fascinating plot lines would be available, so I hope so.

Jane Jameson Series and the Naked Werewolf series are each bestselling series along with this one. If you would like to start with either of them, the first in each series is Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs, and How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf. You will enjoy any of them!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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