Whispered Lies, by Kathleen Brooks, A Review

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An Excellent Audiobook!

Whispered Lies was a “must listen” when I noticed on Audible that Therese Plummer is the narrator. She has been a favorite for years now. Ms. Plummer is one of the best.

Her voices for women and men both are clear and so well done. Variations in voices as well make it easy for the listener to be clear who is speaking. Please listen to the sample here, see if you won’t be as drawn in as I was.

The Story

Ms. Brooks has provided us with a great suspenseful story. A young widow, forced out of the FBI, learns her father has died. This, not long after her husband was killed on an assignment. The same assignment that caused her to be forced out of the FBI.

Going home, to her father’s life she finds far more than expected. His friends are certain his death was not natural, that he had been murdered. Before long she is embroiled in an investigation that involves a secret organization that would control the nation, if not the world.

Asked stealthily by the new President of the United States to find who is involved, Lizzie soon finds herself equipped with an interesting and unique team members there to help. A young computer hacker, a former PJ, a former DEA agent, and of course, the President and his chief of staff. They can only rely on each other. It won’t be easy to investigate when no one can be trusted.

Tension mounts throughout the novel.  It was hard to stop listening.  With members in the highest departments of the government, even the White House, the group has clearly mastered controlling the populace. The media, foreign governments, who knows where it ends.

It is such an entertaining story with very likable characters. Lizzie and Dalton are competent, determined people, drawn to each other, yet set on their task. Alex, the young hacker (Dude…..) is so clever and well described, you can’t help but appreciate him.

The other members that come and go in their hunt blend in well. Not to worry, there are plenty of suspects too, also well developed. Not only unlikable, but characters that live up to the tarnished image of those in power.

From Audible

The audio was as good as expected, Ms. Plummer amazes me how well she narrates the voices of men as well as women. She is so versatile, with a wonderful easy-to-listen-to voice. I highly recommend any book she narrates.

Kathleen Brooks has a new fan as well. A suspenseful story, well written dialogue, fast paced and complicated, leaves me anxious for the second book in this exciting new series. Lucky, since Rogue Lies, Web of Lies #2, releases May 17th, 2017. The author has written several other series, including the Bluegrass Brothers series, and the Woman of Power series, so there are many more novels available for your reading or listening enjoyment.   Rogue Lies is already in my cart.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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