Why Do Cats Lie On Their Backs? Pic of the Week

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Do you ever wonder about your cat and the things they do? I know I do since I’m still learning about having an indoor cat.

My Cat Jazzy

This photo you see of my Jazzy laying on her back is one of my favorites.


She is so relaxed sunning herself by the deck door but she can be so funny when she lays on her back too. Every time I come down the steps in the mornings she runs down ahead of me and lays on her back all stretched out.

Then while in the kitchen while I’m washing dishes I turn around and nearly trip on her laying like that behind me. She’s gives me that “look at me mamma” look. She also does that sometimes when I come in the door from being outside. Rather silly but she does it in other several places around the house even on my lap sometimes. Since she’s gotten big as she has she’s a bit heavy on my legs but I love it. She just so comfortable doing this.


One day I decide to look up about this laying on their back behavior. This is what I found.

  • Happiness – Happy, relaxed and content. (Jazzy is very relaxed here in our home.)
  • Vulnerability – Showing off her tummy but being defenseless trusting around you. Feelings of being safe. Its call submissive behavior. (She love to show off – Look at me Mamma!)
  • Mating – It’s also can be part of mating season behavior. (Although my Jazzy is fixed but still goes through some of the behavior)
  • Playtime – Demand to play with me! (Jazzy is so playful. She loves to play that is for sure)
  • Vocalization – Could be preparation to attack but could be the just stroke my belly. Not all cats like to have their belly’s stroked. Which means you find out which your cat is. (Mine does and doesn’t. Sometimes play but leave me alone too.)

So there you have some reasons why cats lie on their backs. Each cat is different and so are their reasons why. Jazzy is so pretty colored. I love to watch her lay like that. I’m really happy she has adjusted to our home well since we’ve adopted her from the Animal Shelter.

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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