Wildlife of Australia: An Animal Lover’s Delight

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Wildlife of Australia: An Animal Lover’s Delight

Animals are a favorite subject of mine, more technically known as the science of zoology. And of the many books I’ve looked through, and several that I own about animals, Wildlife of Australia is definitely one of the very best.

The book is very comprehensive, and clearly identifies which animals are native to Australia, and have been there for tens of thousands or even millions of years, and which are invasive species that have been introduced more recently by humans.

The real treat of course is the information about, and the many amazing photos of, Australia’s very unique native animals. Australia is the only continent upon which marsupials are the dominant mammals, and the book has many other super amazing animals as well.

Marsupials are a group of mammals that differs from all others. One notable difference is that they have pouches where the young are kept until old enough to live outside of the pouch. Some well-known Australian marsupials are kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and Tasmanian devils.

Also, take a look at the other animals on this continent. World’s most venomous snake? Check. World’s largest species of crocodile? Check. World’s second-most venomous spider? Check. The world’s largest bird other than the ostrich in Africa? Check. And that’s just a start.

For someone with a more general interest in animals, there are many books that cover the subject in an excellent manner, especially those by DK Publishing. But if you’re already fairly familiar with animals and want to take a next step to something really exciting, my recommendation is Wildlife of Australia.


Jonathan Nielsen writes for InfoBarrel as TanoCalvenoa. He is a geographer by degree and loves the natural sciences, especially the Earth sciences, astronomy, zoology, and paleontology. He is also an artist, juggler, and guitarist.

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