Would a dawn simulation alarm clock work for you?

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The benefits of a dawn simulation alarm clock

You know what it’s like when the alarm clock rings, beeps or warbles. There you were, being served champagne on a luxury yacht with a gorgeous hunk gazing at you adoringly then …. ring ring! And suddenly, you’re facing the cold light of day. Even worse, often you’re facing the cold dark of day.

At various times throughout the year, many of us have our alarms set to wake us up before the sun has got his hat on. Have you ever thought what a horrible way this is to start the day?

What’s more, it could actually be bad for your health.

The startling effect of being dragged out of dreamland can increased levels of the hormone that create stress in your body. So you’re starting the day stressed and with a bunch of hormones that you’d rather not have that are coursing their way through your very being.

In this less-than-ideal condition, you have to rouse yourself to go jogging, or make breakfast for an equally grumpy family. Or you have to shower, dress and head towards the traffic snarl-up on your way to work. And we wonder why we don’t have a good day.

The object you see above is the answer.

If we were primitive people, and our bodies are still governed by the natural laws of our ancestors, we would wake because of the dawn. Gradually, our  bodies would get accustomed to slowly increasing light. This would ease us out of sleep naturally.  We would awake refreshed and without that jarring shock to our systems that the alarm clock provides.

These dawn simulation lights have been approved by various sporting teams in order to optimise performance. We could all do with increasing our productivity and general wellbeing.

Find out more about these amazing developments here.



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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