An Astronaut for Halloween or Play Time

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Be a Real Life Hero For Halloween

Astronauts are real life heroes most kids look up to still today. A good percentage of those children would say that is exactly what they want to be when they grow up. How fun to encourage their love of the field with a costume they love.

I remember how many of the kids in my daughter’s school wanted to be astronauts. Most of the boys, and quite a few of the girls too, wanted to board a spaceship and take off into outer space. It’s a goal that one young friend all the way into college.

Here’s a costume that will suit them perfectly. A full astronaut suit that can last for years. There are several to choose from in many sizes, and the one featured is available in two colors as well.

Even some young children will prefer a costume like this instead of the popular superhero costumes. It’s real life, one that they can play and pretend in long past Halloween, creating spaceships, and inventing places to travel in their suit. Perhaps they will even ask your help to build their own spaceship.

Astronaut Halloween Costume

A NASA astronaut costume your child will enjoy long after Halloween. It’s available in white or orange, in sizes Small (4-6), Medium (6-8), and Large (8-10). Sizes run big! Add a helmet and some anti-gravity boots, and your astronaut will be ready for launch.

An Astronaut Costume For Younger Children

Here’s a darling set from Melissa and Doug that fits 3 to 6 year olds. A cloth helmet and gloves are included for a full outfit. It looks warm too which is a plus for cold Halloween nights.

The Final Touches for your Astronaut

Your trick-or-treater now fully looks the part. Now you need a helmet and some boots to complete the outfit.

I love the big astronaut’s boots–wouldn’t they complete an outfit? Of course Melissa and Doug products always get good ratings. Well made, durable, long lasting are all expected when it has their names on it.

Be sure to check the sizes available. A few reviewers said they ran large, and a few said they were small. Seems better to have a bit bigger to allow for longer usage. It’s very durable for kids to play in, so you will want it to fit as long as possible. I can picture them wearing it to a career day at school, or any day they get to dress up.

There are lots of other options too. You can get costumes in white, orange, and more, and there are varieties for babies all the way to adult. Anyone can play! You could even be an entire astronaut family like Lost in Space! Bring along a recording that says “Danger Will Robinson!” Everyone will recognize you.

A Helmet is a Requirement

Everyone knows you can’t go into outer space without a helmet.  This one looks perfect.. Very official and it even makes sounds. Love the shield that goes up and down too–good for day or night playing.

Boots Required so Your Astronaut Won’t Float into Space!

Everyone knows you need a good pair of boots to keep you grounded. I wonder if these are anti-gravity boots.   You wouldn’t want your astronaut floating around in the air, would you?

An Important Safety Tip and More Ideas

Your trick-or-treater now fully looks the part. One other purchase I would suggest for this outfit or any other costume your child is wearing.

Pick up a roll of reflective tape. You can get it in a variety of colors to go with any costume. Place a strip or two in key places that will look like part of the costume. Any costume will have somewhere you can put it without interfering with the look your child is aiming for. The reflective tape will make your children easier to see, especially with car headlights. It’s an easy way to add safety to what they are wearing.

If you are interested in a couple of other real-life-hero outfits, you might like the costumes featured here: Fire Chief Costume & Doctor’s Costume. There are so many other choices too, from policemen to airline pilot to soldier or nurse. I love the idea that a costume might be inspiring too.
Plan ahead this year. The kids are already getting excited.

Do You Prefer to Make Your Own?

If you are a do-it-yourself type, with a little bit of time and a creative spirit, an Astronaut costume can be made at home.



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