Fire Chief Costume, For Halloween or Anytime

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What Child Doesn’t Want to be a Fireman?


Pint Sized Firefighter Source: Courtesy of Jerry at Flickr, CC2.0

Little boys and girls can be real-life heroes with this Fire Chief costume. Ever since I saw my friend’s grandson dressed as one, with his hat and boots, while carrying his blankie, it’s been top on my list for dress up days.

Kids look up to firemen. Many want to be one when they grow up. They admire not only the uniform they wear, but all the gear they use too–including the siren on the truck.This will be a costume they can wear a lot that is encouraging and positive besides.

I’d like to start a new trend for Halloween this year.  One in which the horrible looking or very scary costumes are replaced with encouraging, more positive costumes.  Even though it’s unlikely the older kids won’t buy into that, some costumes can be scary and inappropriate for toddlers.  So let’s see what you would need to turn your child into a proper fireman…

First thing you need is the uniform 

The thought that a young boy or girl can dress up and be a hero they worship in every day life sounds ideal. If you check out the reviews for the costumes here, you’ll see many others agree.

A Fire Chief Costume from Melissa and Doug

Made by Melissa and Doug, it’s the number one bestseller in boys costumes. The coat is sturdy and washable, not plastic. Besides the coat and the heavy duty fire chief hat, it comes with a bullhorn (not too loud) and a fire extinguisher!

Can’t you see them wearing it? The reflective tape, a natural part of a fireman’s outfit, would also be a great safety feature for trick-or-treating. Get them a pair of black boots to go with it, and they are ready to go. Another nice feature, it works for boys and girls both.
Just as my niece always wants to wear her princess dress, an outfit like this will be one that is worn all year long, for playtime, dress up days, even grocery shopping if you will let them. After all, isn’t it good to keep a fireman with you at all times? The costume is up to the challenge too, well made and durable. Such a fun idea for Halloween or any play day!
If you are looking for a couple of more real-life hero ideas, you might like these: An Astronaut and A Doctor costume that kids will enjoy.

A Full Suit Costume in Plenty of Sizes

I love this one if you prefer a full suit. It comes in sizes from 18 months to 8-10. Looks very official too, don’t you think? Again, there is reflective tape on the costume–something important for Halloween night.

Layer up under it for extra warmth too. Since in most areas Halloween nights are fairly chilly, this long sleeve outfit should be a good choice. A long sleeve tshirt underneath, gloves (since all firemen wear gloves), warm boots, and your child should be good to go.

As you can see, some of the costumes come with the extra gear.  But here are some ideas of what you need to be a proper fireman…

Don’t Forget Your Fireman’s Boots

A pair of these Fire Chief rain books will serve your fireman long after Halloween.  They will be good for the rainy season, though probably they will be worn rain or sunshine.

It’s nice to know you will get plenty of use out of them.  They look quite official, don’t you think?

If you have dark boots already, you could easily fix up your own for the night.  Using yellow reflective tape in a couple of stripes will look the part.


Every fireman needs a helmet, to protect from falling objects.

If your costume doesn’t come with a helmet,  this is my favorite choice.  I love the bright red for visibility, and the eye guard that goes up and down.

Lastly Some Props

A fire extinguisher, a fire horn (if you dare), or perhaps some fireman’s hose. A length of tubing would make a little hose that would be lightweight for the young fireman to carry.  Coil it up, and fasten it right to the costume with velcro so it won’t slip off.

A Full Set of Goods

Want to make it easy?  This little set has all you would need, including the fire extinguisher and a cell phone.  Cute, isn’t it?   Goggles, a whistle, a fire horn and flashlight.  So much fun combined into one little package.  Kids love to dress up all year.  This little set offers all they will need to play for hours.

And Finally…

You probably already have some gloves around.  Firemen need them, plus they would be good for a cold Halloween night.

Going for a post fire look?  Add a smudge of gray or black charcoal on their faces.

I love that kids like to dress up as a real life hero. Also that this is one costume that has lasted through generations. They’ll play for hours and months in an outfit like this one!

Think Safety!

Perhaps the most important part is the reflective tape. I think that should be attached to every costume so the little trick-or-treaters are visible in the headlights from passing cars. Fortunately in this costume, the reflective tape is a natural. It really makes the outfit.

Make Your Own Firefighter’s Costume

Seems to me a firefighter’s costume would be a fun one to make, fairly easy too. The video below will show you an easy example.

Using an empty soda bottle, spray painted red, you can fashion a fire extinguisher. Or purchase a toy one for that part of the costume.

For the outfit, get something toasty in case it is a cold night. In the Video the costume is black, but you could use orange, red or yellow too.

Hours of fun ahead, any day of the year.


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  1. I have a picture in my head of our #2 son, when he turned four, wearing a fireman costume that he got for his birthday. We don’t have the actual photo anymore, but I’ll never forget that happy face and the beginning of a long relationship with that costume. Great choice for any kiddo!

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