The Best Travel Accessory: The ScotteVest

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Storage and security when travelling, particularly for your tech.

When you travel – whether you’re heading for an adventure in India or just to the local park for the afternoon – carrying everything you need securely and safely can be so tricky.

When I travel, the important things I need with me in addition to regular packing (at minimum) are my travel documents, ID, iPad, Kindle, phone, my keys, wallet, sunglasses, regular glasses, maps — and these are all valuable and necessary items. The idea of having them all in a bag – that can be stolen or mislaid – is scary.

The other danger today, especially in crowded areas such as airports or railway stations, are those thieves who use RFID scanners to steal your information from your credit cards, ID and passport, thus stealing your identity.

The ScotteVest is the answer

This is what the English person inside me would call a waistcoat. It’s a sleeveless garment that is lightweight, available for men and women in several colours and will hold all the items I mentioned above (and more) without being bulky or awkward to wear. It looks stylish – even when fully loaded with your goodies.


Even though this vest will hold so much in a secure way, you won’t look like the Michelin Man when you’re wearing it. And your important documents and tech devices will be completely safe. You’ll also be protected from RFID scanners and all your stuff will be easy accessible by you but safe from any thief or bad guy. See the video below.

You can see how the garment looks stylish and comfortable, even though it’s storing everything you need to stay connected when you’re away from home. I particularly love the way that everything is safe and hidden from RFID criminals.


These vests make the perfect gift for anyone who needs to travel away from home yet stay connected, even if it’s just for a few hours. But for the regular traveller or jet-setter, they are an absolute necessity.

Like me, you might decide that one of these vests will be an essential part of your wardrobe. You’ll have no more bags to carry, check in or lose. Everything that’s important to you will be right there with you, safely and securely.



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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    • Great ideas Giovanna! Travel can be so much safer and more secure these days thanks to a few well-chosen products.

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