Recipe: Cinnamon rolls

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Recipe: Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rollsChristmas Morning. I can picture it now……the excited children running into your room, begging you to get up to see what Santa brought, anxious to open family presents.

The next scene, everyone in cozy robes make their way downstairs. Then comes the coffee brewing. Who can resist the aroma of freshly made coffee?

To perfect your Christmas morning, why not put a batch of cinnamon rolls in the oven?

The scent of cinnamon seems to belong with Christmas. Spiced cider, hot cocoa, and something sweet.

In our family they are a tradition, passed down from my Norwegian grandmother, to my own mother, and now to me.

But I confess I never baked my own until I got my bread maker. The whole process sounded intimidating to me.

That’s the best part of this recipe–the bread machine does most of the work for you the day before! It makes it so easy that I make them often now!

Start a batch today, using the dough setting. In a few hours, all you have to do is spread the finished dough out, butter it, sprinkle it with the cinnamon sugar, and roll it up. Slice it into rolls, an inch or so wide, and place in a pan. Letting the machine take care of the dough makes it fun and simple.

If you want, you can let them rise and bake them today, then just reheat them in the morning. Personally I like to refrigerate them over night, then in the morning let them rise and bake. They smell so good baking, and the aroma spreads throughout the house as we open presents or come to life with our coffee.

What a delightful treat for a special morning. They taste good any day, but on Christmas and New Year’s Day, somehow they taste extra special. My bread machine is already working on our batch. Care to join us?

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