Cold Moon, by Alexandra Sokolff, A Review

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The Huntress Series Continues

I just finished reading book three in the excellent “Huntress” series, written by Alexandra Sokoloff. Cold Moon is the most intense of the series so far.

The world of underage prostitution is the subject of the story. The abduction of young girls, some barely teens, who are forced and threatened into obedience.

The Story

Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Matthew Roarke, has been part of the hunt for a killer from the beginning. The investigation is now underway to convict their suspect of murder. But is it possible to convict someone who has killed to save children, to stop future crimes? The vigilante is only killing criminals, some of the worst.

Add to the mix that Roarke is still unreasonably drawn to the suspect, finding it difficult to keep a distance, at the same time needing to understand why the draw exists. With Roarke doubting his position on the case, tension heightens. Does he want to see her convicted? After all she has survived?

As the murders mount, the suspects multiply as well. Is it possible there is more than one?

So many suspects, so many hopeless teens. For all the certainty of the police, could they be wrong?

It all comes together in a powerful conclusion. Yet it leaves you wanting more. The book is very well wtitten, the sentences tightly built to add drama and suspense. And the suspense certainly builds.

The three so far have all been terrific. Each has made me want to read the next as quickly as possible—always an excellent sign. It is a series I would recommend reading in order. It’s important to know the beginnings of the main characters, and to develop your feelings toward each.

A fourth is in the works, I’m happy to report. Wolf Moon is expected to be released in October of 2016. It will definitely be on my list.

Available on Audio

So far I’ve read the series with the Kindle version. I found that it is also available through Audible. Listening to the sample, the narrator sounds excellent, if you prefer to listen. However you enjoy it, if you are a mystery lover, you won’t want to miss this series.

You can read my reviews of the first two books in the series here.

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