Cotton Rules for Today’s Baby – Aden + Anais

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Swaddles and Blankets You’ll Love

For several years now, more and more parents are insisting on cotton. Why? Not only because the natural fabric is safer on their baby’s soft, sensitive skin, but also because cotton is a sustainable product. You find many moms and dads laundering cloth diapers, seeking clothes that are cotton, and purchasing bedding that will breathe.

It’s a fairly easy way to be environmentally friendly. With brands like Aden-Anais, I can see how we all might revert to cotton. Their blankets are wonderful. Layered cotton provides plenty of warmth in winter, yet still breathes in summer. That’s key to me.

Summer temps can vary so much hour to hour. When you cover a baby, sometimes only to protect him/her from the sun, that covering can hold in heat. How often you’ll see a hot, sweaty little head, uncomfortably hot. Since the natural fiber breathes, if you use cotton, the heat can escape, providing covering and comfort.

Other things I like about it: It’s thickness keeps it from becoming as entangled with your baby as some thin blankets do. It launders well.

You will find an assortment of adorable designs and colors. Be sure to check each of them out before you decide which suits you.  Giraffes, dogs, stars, just to name a few.  It isn’t an easy decision to pick just one. The blanket is sized big enough that it will last into little boy or girl age. By then it will be an old friend.

You can read my full review of the baby blanket here.

The Best Selling Swaddling Blanket

Perhaps even more popular at Aden + Anais is their swaddling blanket.  Most parents who swaddle their babies find that the baby sleeps better and longer.  At the moment it is Amazon’s best selling receiving blanket.  Again, it is easy to see why.

First, the size is perfect for swaddling at 47″ by 47.”  Second it is made from pre-washed 100% cotton,  Third, it breathes.  The swaddle blanket has made them famous with parents along with their other baby gear, from crib sheets to bibs.  The fabric washes beautifully and gets softer with each washing.

It is now available in a bamboo fiber too.  Either way, it will be comfortable for baby in all weather.  Besides swaddling, it is very versatile to cover or shade, to use on a changing table, or on your shoulder as a burping cloth.  Though their burping bibs are hard to resist.

How perfect it is to find an environmental friendly product that is better for your baby too! Don’t you just love a win-win.

Now for Adults Too

When I purchased my first Aden-Anais blanket it was a gift for a nephew. Once I felt it, and saw it in action, wrapped about that baby girl, I would have liked one for myself.

I was delighted to find they actually make one now for adults as well, measuring 60” by 72.”  It would be a wonderful gift for anyone! You can see details here

See How It’s Done

Do check out these videos showing how to Swaddle Baby, from Aden + Anais.  The first is about 6 minutes long and will show you two methods.  The second one is only a minute and a half or so, and shows you how quickly and easily you can swaddle.  It’s worthwhile to watch, even if you’ve tried it before.



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