David Rosenfelt’s Real Life Tara Foundation

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David Rosenfelt’s Real Life Tara Foundation

TaraIf you are a fan of David Rosenfelt’s wonderful mystery series, you will recognize the Tara Foundation. The series, featuring attorney Andy Carpenter, has a loyal and growing following. I sure wouldn’t miss one!

In the first book of the series, Open and Shut, when Andy comes into a bit of money (about twenty-two million), he and a new friend set up the Tara Foundation, named after Andy’s dog, Tara. The foundation rescues dogs from euthanasia, which often means the foundation takes in the older or ill dogs who certainly still deserve a good home.

Recently I found, it goes much deeper than that. If the Tara Foundation was named after Andy’s dog, Tara, who was Tara named after? Turns out she was named after Mr. Rosenfelt’s beloved Golden retriever, Tara. And more surprising, He and his wife also set up an honest to goodness Tara Foundation.


Moving across country from California to Maine to start the foundation was another adventure of its own. Now, between writing his oh-so entertaining novels, he, along with his wife, rescue dogs. In the fourteen years since the Tara Foundation was formed, they have rescued over 4,000 of the sweet animals, placing most in homes. Many were Goldens, but certainly not all.

The Rosenfelt’s themselves have around 27 dogs. I say around, because I am uncertain if the number increases and decreases with new arrivals and new placements.


The Andy Carpenter series already has twelve adventurous mysteries published. Next one out will be “Who Let the Dog Out?” In this case I imagine the number thirteen will be lucky. I can’t wait to read it.

With the new novel coming out in July, is another book called, Lessons from Tara. Mr. Rosenfelt will be going book signing for both books. If you get a chance in a community near you, I hope you will visit. From what I have heard of him, his own sense of humor is also something character Andy Carpenter, has inherited. And Andy’s humor is hard to beat.

If you attend a book signing, you might like to know that all proceeds go to local animal shelters.

You can read more about the Andy Carpenter Series in my article, Laugh Out Loud Mystery Series

I highly recommend the series, the author, and any foundation that rescues animals. That is very worthy of commendation.


Want to know how to get a couple of dozen dogs across country? Check out his book Dog Tripping…He did it, with 25 dogs in tow. Not literally in tow. Literally they were all inside 3 motorhomes with David and eleven volunteers. That is a trip worth reading about!

Dogtripping: 25 Rescues, 11 Volunteers, and 3 RVs on Our Canine Cross-Country Adventure







Coming in July of 2015, Lessons from Tara continues the story of Tara. We all can relate to what the author learned from his Tara. Our four legged family members have so much to teach us. I look forward to reading why he thinks his Golden retriever was better than mine was! It should be a sweet book to read, with Mr. Rosenfelt’s signature humor added to the mix.

Lessons from Tara: Life Advice from the World’s Most Brilliant Dog









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  1. We live in Maine and are looking for an adult golden. We were told of your foundation by Coastal Humane Assoc. Are your dogs available for adoption?

  2. Just learned of your foundation after loosing our beloved golden of ten years. We are in Maine and how do we reach you?

  3. I am reading Dog tripping and I am laughing out loud! Wish I had know about ur trip I would have volunteered! Love reading your books! If I ever travel to Maine do u allow visitors to come to the Tara foundation to visit and volunteer? Hugs to u , Debbie and all your furry children!

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