Emerald Buddha, by Russell Blake

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Book Two in the Drake Ramsey Adventure Series

Russell Blake has written another entertaining adventure with Emerald Buddha. This time a new treasure thought to be only a rumor draws Drake, Ally and Spencer. The treasure is the bait. The real reason is less clear than you would expect. They are to find a missing plane that crashed carrying the daughter of a senator.

Is there really s treasure at all or is the whole thing a manipulation by the government officials to get to find a senators daughter. Either way Drake can’t ignore it. Yet they don’t know the whole story, not only in the jungle. Rival drug lords, local tribes, revolutionaries, the Chinese… Even United States politicians who always seem to have something to hide. Whoever they are, the team runs into them everywhere.

The book is very fast paced. I was glad I listened to it, so I could stay with the story longer without pause. Narrated by Ray Porter, you quickly can distinguish the characters. He does very well with the series so far. Here’s a sample on Audible, if you would like to hear him for yourself.

There was some confusion keeping all the characters straight, but each added a layer to the complicated thriller. This one was more about the hunt and the battle to survive against all who would prefer them dead.

Secret upon secret, clue upon clue, build to a surprise ending. We aren’t left hanging, but there is much more we might expect to learn. Good thing we know there is a book three available. The Goddess Legacy was released in August of 2016.

From Audible

The book is a pleasure to read as a follow up to the first book in the series, Ramsey’s Gold. I’m so glad I had to listened to it. Both books stand alone, but it was a plus to know how they got established in book one. You’ll find my review here on Jaquo.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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  1. This sounds very interesting. I only wish I had the time to read a good book but there are only so many hours in a day!

  2. Sounds like my kind of book, but I like to hold the book and read before bed. thanks for the review.

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