Gift Ideas for Bicycle Lovers: The Siva Atom, USB Charger & Battery Pack

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The Green Way:

Charge Your Electronics While You Cycle

A long bike ride on the weekend is a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh air while getting some exercise.  You can cover so much more ground besides!  In our area, along the Oregon Coast, we see many couples and families  all packed up with sleeping bags and gear, cycling their way down the coast.  For some reason, they do always seem to be going south.  One time a family made the news with a bicycle built for four.

On any trip, it is important to stay in touch with friends and family back home so you are up to date and so they know you are doing well.  Yet technology always needs recharging.  That’s why, when I saw the SIVA Cycle Charger, I was so impressed.  What a great way to charge cell phone, GPS or tablet.  Since you are pedaling anyway, may as well make further use of the energy you are expending, by powering this charger.

It uses no power, so you don’t need electricity or the expense of it.  It is pollution free.  Since you are getting such healthy exercise, how cool to know that at the same time you are creating your own energy without using any other resource.

Handy for Power Outages

The pack is water resistant, but not designed to go underwater. It can handle the normal splashes though.  It would also be terrific to have in case of power outages.  Just ride your bike a while and you can generate light. It can be used on indoor exercise bikes too.

Times will vary by speed and distance, but the Siva Atom Generator, 5 to 10 minutes riding can provide an hour or two of phone time.  Even on the low side, that is so helpful. We all know that feeling when the red line comes on our phones to tell us power is nearly gone.  Very uncomfortable these days!

An iPad doesn’t charge as fast, though somewhat faster off the bike, using the battery pack.  That is another advantage of this little charger.  You can use the removable battery pack off the bike.

One thing to note:  you will need to watch the speed/tension of the bike.  The Atom generator should be used up to a maximum  speed of 20 to 25 miles per hour.

To top it off, installation is easy.  It takes only a few minutes as you can see in the video below.
Nearly anything (except a laptop) using an USB port can be charged using the Atom. Note:  The Atom will not work with disc or coaster brakes.

I’ve been very pleased with solar power battery packs for a few years now, like the one you can see here from WakaWaka.    I appreciate using the natural power of the sun.  But not everyplace you go or ride will have sufficient sun.  That is when this seems like an ideal solution.

All that and it’s green besides.  No plug required, no power usage, except perhaps your energy.  You generate the power yourself while cycling.  I like that if  you run low on power, you can get on your bike and ride for a few minutes and have enough to make that call or get your directions.  Love it.

Be sure to watch this short video to see installation and how the clever little invention works.


Generate your own power while you cycle.  Sounds like a great idea to me.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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